Miniature Projects for a Dollhouse Nursery

These projects will get you started on furnishing a miniature nursery for a baby doll. There are a range of items which  can be made in several scales, just change the materials to suit your chosen scale.  If you are making a nursery setting to showcase a particular collection of dolls or miniatures, choose your sightlines into the project in order to showcase your favorite items.

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    Dollhouse baby in a simple miniature oval basket woven from wire and crochet thread.
    Miniature oval basket woven from wire and crochet thread to fit a dollhouse scale baby. Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

    Weave this delicate 'wicker' or lloyd loom baby basket from fine crochet cotton or quilting thread. You can make it any color to match your miniature nursery. If you wish, use similar materials to weave a small oval basket to hold baby changing supplies or toys. The basket can be set on a table if you wish.

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    Make a Miniature Moses Basket

    Miniature Moses basket made from raffia and wire, shown with a dollhouse doll for scale.
    Miniature Moses basket made from raffia and wire, shown with a dollhouse doll for scale. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd

    This Moses basket or Carry Cot is made using a coil weaving technique which is easy to master. To replicate a traditional rush moses basket, I used raffia woven over fine wire to make the coils.  For a coiled basket made from fabric, see the instructions for making the coiled rag basket.

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    This wicker change table has shelves for storage and can be fitted with a small cushion on the top to co-ordinate with your nursery design. The table is relatively easy to weave, as long as you watch your tension!  If you are a beginning weaver, use heavier crochet cotton.
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    Make Diapers (Nappies) and Diaper Pins

    These tiny diapers, diaper pins and plastic pants/ disposable diapers make great accessories for a dolls house change table. Fold them and tie them for stacks of diapers on a shelf, or fit them to a miniature doll. The pins are made by carefully bending fine wire, finishing the heads with foil for metal pins, or polymer clay to resemble modern plastic headed diaper pins.

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    Make Miniature Bottles, Baby Oil and Baby Powder Containers

    Miniature baby bottles and powder jars add to the effect of a realistic nursery.  These are made from scraps of craft wood or plastic, as well as air dry or polymer clay.

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    This removable sleeper is shown fitted to a 1:12 scale porcelain doll.  Find fine knits  suitable for the size of your doll, and use doll velcro to make small low profile closures that don't detract from the effect of the sleeper. The same pattern can be used to make 'onesies' and baby shirts which cross in front.

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    Dollhouse baby in a hooded towel with a pig face.
    Photo © 2014 Lesley Shepherd

    You can make a range of hooded towels for dollhouse babies and toddlers using inexpensive baby wash clothes from a dollar store. I've shown a piglet towel here, but the technique can be used for any animal with a snout.  Try making puppy towels, frog towels, hippopotamus towels, with the same method and different shaped ears.

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    Printable Wallpapers for a Dollhouse Nursery

    Printable dolls house scale wallpapers and a border for the nursery or a child's room.
    Printable wallpapers for a 1:12 scale dolls house nursery featuring children and farm animals. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    These toile style nursery wallpapers can be printed with a matching border.

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    Miniature Toys to Make

    Miniature rocking duck in dolls house scale with a 1:12 scale Norwich terrier.
    Miniature dolls house scale rocking duck or 'shoofly' child's rocking seat shown with a dolls house scale norwich terrier. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd

    Several of the toys on this list are items that might be found in a nursery. The miniature rocking shoofly works well for small toddler dolls.