Miniature Kitchenware and Baking Tools

Create Custom Details for a Miniature Baking Display

This two-page list of tutorials for dollhouse scale kitchen accessories will show you how to make all kinds of items to customize your miniature baking and kitchen displays. All are easy to make. Some use printables, some use basic craft wood and some use polymer clay as a base. Click on the link after the titles to view the individual tutorials. (make sure you scroll to the second page via the link on the bottom of this list).

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    Make a Classic Mixing Bowl From Polymer Clay

    A traditional kitchen mixing bowl made from polymer clay in dollhouse scale.
    Modelled on a Mason Cash traditional "Cane" mixing bowl this dollhouse version is 1 inch in diameter.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    This classic mixing bowl is modeled on the versions found in working kitchens for more than 100 years. This dollhouse version uses two colors of polymer clay to emulate the original. These kitchen bowls can be made in several sizes and set into the farmhouse kitchen sink for a washing-up scene. They can be filled with batters made from acrylic artist mediums for prep tables, or set on the top shelf of a dollhouse kitchen plate rack.

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    Make a Miniature Balloon Whisk

    Dollhouse scale balloon whisk on a kitchen prep table
    Dollhouse scale balloon whisk with a shaped wooden handle.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Depending on what you are whipping up in your dollhouse kitchen, a miniature balloon whisk can be set in a pot or a bowl. Use it with the tutorial for frozen moment liquids to show batter flowing into a pan, or set it up with some raw eggs made from acrylic paints and paint mediums for a miniature baking prep scene.

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    Make a Vintage Hand Mixer in Dollhouse Scale


    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce 

    This tiny hand mixer will come in handy for baking scenes. Leave the beaters clean, or coat them with batter and set them beside a classic mixing bowl on a prep board.

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    Use Wire and Wood for a Miniature Pastry Blender

    Dollhouse scale pastry blender in a bowl of 'flour' and 'lard'.
    A dollhouse scale pastry blender or pastry cutter in a bowl of cornstarch 'flour' and polymer clay 'lard'.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Shown here in the traditional mixing bowl, the miniature pastry blender/pastry cutter can be used for scenes with pies, savory and sweet. For the pie crusts for a prep scene, see the tutorial on making miniature pie crusts and pies or the tutorial on making miniature meat pies.

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    Miniature Kitchen Utensil Set

    Miniature wooden kitchen spoons and stirring tools in 1:12 dollhouse scale.
    Set of wooden kitchen tools in 1:12 scale shown with a doll's hand for scale.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    This miniature set of wooden kitchen tools is carved from scraps of craft wood. Wooden spoons, stirrers, even a meat tenderizer can be easily shaped by a beginner. 

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    Make a Miniature Dish Brush

    Vintage style wooden handled dish or vegetable brush in dollhouse scale.
    Vintage style dollhouse dish or vegetable brush in 1:12 scale.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    This classic wooden dish brush is easier to make than you might think. Lay it beside a sink full of dishes or hang it from the wall with the other kitchen tools.

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    Make a Miniature Pastry Board to Display Your Baking Projects

    Dollhouse Pastry Board

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce 

    A pastry board was the main workspace in kitchens that relied on the kitchen table instead of modern kitchen counters. This one can be used to display all kinds of 'in process' baked goods.

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    Make a Vintage Style Vegetable Peeler in Dollhouse Scale

    Vintage style vegetable peeler in dollhouse scale.
    A vintage style vegetable peeler in dollhouse scale made from a scrap of foil plate and a toothpick.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    This vintage vegetable peeler is right at home next to a sink, or on a cutting board for a vegetable prep scene.

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    Make a Traditional Wooden Potato Masher in Miniature

    Miniature wooden potato mashers in dollhouse scale.
    Two wooden potato mashers / potato beetles or vegetable mashers in 1:12 dollhouse scale.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    These traditional wooden potato mashers or "potato beetles" are made by filing and sanding a piece of square stock craftwood.  They are a great addition to a traditional kitchen and are easily made.

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    Miniature Barbecue Tools

    Dollhouse miniature barbecue tool set of spatula, fork, tongs and skewer.
    Dollhouse miniature barbecue tool set made from wood veneer and a recycled pie plate.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Surprisingly, this set of miniature barbecue tools is made from a recycled foil pie plate along with a few scraps of wood veneer. They can be displayed with miniature hamburger patties, wieners, dill pickles, tomato, and onion slices. 

    There is also a tutorial for a miniature barbecue apron and a chef's hat which can be made from fabric or paper printables.

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    Make Miniature "Glass" Bowls From Battery Packaging

    Battery package used to make a dollhouse scale serving dish.
    Rigid plastic packaging from a package of watch batteries is used to make a fluted 'glass' serving dish in dolls house scale.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    The tutorial linked here shows you how to use recycled plastic packaging to make simple serving dishes for dollhouse foods. Blister packs for batteries, pills and other items can be upcycled for a range of miniatures.

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    Make Miniature Plates From Polymer Clay

    Dollhouse scale dessert plates and cupcakes all made from polymer clay.
    These dessert plates have been made from polymer clay in standard dolls' house scale using simple tools.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Use your choice of polymer clay colors to make detailed miniature plates to show off desserts or food. The plates can be pierced, stamped or embossed for a range of designs. You can also use items like nail tattoos or nail transfers to decorate miniature plates

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    Make Miniature Cups and Saucers

    Dollhouse scale teacups, saucers and teapot made from polymer clay
    A set of dollhouse teacups and opening teapot made from polymer clay.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Use polymer clay to make a set of teacups and saucers for a kitchen or tea shop setting. You can add tea or coffee pouring from the spout to the cup with the frozen moment liquid pour technique or make miniature teabags to set on the saucers or in the cups.

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    Printable Miniatures For Dollhouse Kitchens and Bakery Scenes

    Dollhouse kitchen serving set of casseroles, tray, plates, fruit bowl, and decorative plant pots.
    Casseroles, side plates, serving tray, fruit bowl, and plant pots made from printable designs in dolls house scales.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    An easy way to fill dollhouse kitchen shelves is by using free printables for kitchen plates, serving dishes, canisters and coffee and tea sets. The printable kitchenware sets come in a range of colors and include everything from plant pots to serving trays.

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    Make Miniature "Raku" Tea and Coffee Pots

    Polymer clay dollhouse teapots with a 'raku' style glaze effect
    "Raku" style polymer clay teapots in dollhouse scale.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    These miniature teapots are easily made from polymer clay. Make them with 'natural' or 'fashion' glazes to suit your kitchen scene.

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    Make a Miniature Pitcher From a Pencil Cap

    Doll shown with a dollhouse miniature plastic pitcher
    Action figure shown with a dolls' house scale plastic pitcher made from the plastic cap of an eye shadow pencil.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    This clear plastic pitcher is shaped from the recycled cap of a makeup pencil or some similar piece of plastic. The technique allows you to make a range of pitchers from plastic leftovers.

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    Make Miniature Ramekins from Polymer Clay

    Miniature ramekins for dolls house desserts, flans or sauces on a dollhouse miniature table.
    Miniature ramekins for dolls house desserts, flans or sauces on a dollhouse miniature table.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Ramekins are useful dishes for a dollhouse kitchen. You can make them large enough for casseroles or small enough for servings of jam or pickles.

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    Make Miniature Juice Glasses

    Glass and egg cup in dolls house scale made from the cap of a recycled makeup brush
    Dollhouse scale (1:12) glass and egg cup made from the acrylic cap of a discarded makeup brush.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Here are some more miniatures made from recycled pencil ends. If you only need a few pieces for a setting, this is an easy way to get scale glasses or other pieces like "glass" eggcups.

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    Make Miniature Bottles From Recycled Plastic

    Plastic bottles in miniature scale made from recycled plastic rods, and straws.
    Range of solid and hollow miniature plastic bottles made from recycled plastic straws, tubing and rods.

    Lesley Shepherd / The Spruce

    Use a heat-and-stretch technique to make a range of miniature bottle styles from plastic straws and bits of pen casings. The technique is simple but allows you to make a range of custom bottle shapes