How to Make Milky Way Galaxy Artwork

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    Milky Way Art Entertains & Educates

    Glitter Art
    Milky Way Galaxy Glitter Art.

    This easy art project allows kids to express their creativity while offering a great opportunity for a mini-lesson about the universe. What better way to teach kids about the Milky Way Galaxy than with this fun, artsy activity? Our Galaxy has a mystifying, milky appearance and contains between 200 and 400 billion stars, making it so much fun to replicate. Get out your glitter and let's get started.

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    What You Need

    Supplies needed for glitter galaxy.

    This project requires only a few things that you probably already have on hand. If not, you can find them at your local dollar store. Here's what you need:

    • Black construction paper
    • Glitter in varying colors
    • Glue
    • White coloring pencil or crayon

    Since glitter gets everywhere, we decided to make our glittery galaxies outside. We flipped boxes over to make makeshift craft tables. If you can't get outside, at least cover the surface area with newspaper for easy cleanup. You could even apply the glitter application over the tub and rinse it away when you're finished.

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    Sketch the Galaxy

    Sketch your line work.

    Pull up an image of a sparkly, swirling galaxy from this photo gallery to provide a little inspiration. Kids can use a white coloring pencil or crayon to sketch a design on the construction paper.

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    Trace With Glue

    Trace your sketch with glue.

    Have your child trace over their galaxy outline with glue. They can also add spots of glue around the piece of paper to make stars, shooting stars and comets. Glitter will stick no matter how minuscule the amount of glue, so feel free to be light-handed. Thick globs of glue take a long time to dry.

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    Get Glittery

    Sprinkle glitter.

    This is the part where doing this activity outside comes into play since it involves the bane of arts and crafts supplies: glitter. Cover all of the glue with glitter before the glue dries. Since the Milky Way is made up of such a complex variety of colors, the more shades of glitter you have, the better.

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    Drying Time

    Drying time.

    With all of the glue spots covered with glitter, set the paper aside and let it dry. Drying time will vary depending upon the amount of glue used. Glue is generally completely dry after about 30 minutes, but every project is different. Keep an eye on yours.

    Once the glue is completely dry, shake off the excess glitter. Again, this is where it helps to be outside, otherwise, you'll be finding glitter everywhere for months.

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    Show off the Finished Projects

    Milky Way Galaxy Art
    Glitter Galaxy Art.

    Once you're finished, admire your child's piece of art. Hang it on the fridge or their bedroom wall. Since this project has major potential to be educational, go even further by labeling parts of the Milky Way. Where is the Sun? What about Earth?

    Outer space and the solar system are such fun, fascinating topics for kids, and there are so many interactive ways to teach them about it. Make a galaxy jar, try one of these fun space activities and check out this list of 50 space projects.