14 Ways to Save Money at Michaels Craft Stores

Secret Hacks to Get the Most Out of Its Sales

Illustration of Michaels store front with coupon

The Spruce / Madelyn Goodnight

You can save even more than you already do at Michaels Craft Stores if you know some secret hacks. This guide goes beyond sales and coupons and gives you tips on how to get the most out of your shopping trip by price matching, using competitors' coupons, taking advantage of specialized discounts, and being able to decode the secret clearance tags.

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They Have Coupons Available in All Kinds of Places

Michaels releases coupons in all sorts of places, and they aren't necessarily all the same. Here's where you need to be looking for their coupons to save even more:

Check Your Receipt for a Coupon

Another way to get Michaels coupons is to take a look at your receipt after you make a purchase. At the bottom there may be a survey you can take that will get you a percentage off coupon. Sometimes the coupons are survey-free and print out as a separate receipt slip.

You Can Use More Than One Coupon per Purchase

You can use more than one coupon when you checkout at Michaels as long as you use one coupon per product per day and one coupon of each type per transaction per day.

Find Out About Last Minute Sales Through Text and Social Media

Michaels will sometimes have last-minute sales to get you into the store. The best way to find out about these is on the Michaels Facebook page. Most store locations have their own Facebook page too, so be sure to search for that. They also have a Twitter account where they occasionally post sales and coupons.

You Can Price Match and Get an Extra 10% Off

Michaels has a low price guarantee that will match the price and take an extra 10% off the top. You'll need to bring the ad or printout with you when you checkout.

The item you want to have price matched must be identical and can't stacked on top of price-matched items. The price match can not be used on classes, free offers, custom orders, items sold from third party websites, or any damaged or clearance items.

Save Through the Michaels Rewards Program

There's a Michaels Rewards program that's free to join, and you can sign up online or in-store. Based on what you buy and say you are interested in, you'll get special deals sent your way. Be sure to enter your birthday too, so you can get a coupon to help you celebrate your big day.

Michaels Has Discounts for Teachers, Seniors, and Military Members

Michaels gives discounts for teachers, seniors, and military members that you should take advantage of if you qualify.

  • Teacher's Discount: Save 15% off your entire purchase, this includes sale items. The coupon only works in-store and you must show a valid educator ID.
  • Senior Discount: You can get 10% off your entire purchase, including sale items. You'll need to be 55+ and present a valid ID when you checkout.
  • Military Discount: Military members, veterans, and their families qualify for the Michaels Military Discount, which will save you 15% off your entire purchase, including sale items. You'll need a valid ID to get this offer.

You Can Get Discounted Michaels Gift Cards

Visit a website like Cardpool and purchase a Michaels gift card for less than the value amount. These people would rather give up some value to receive cash instead.

You Can Get Discounted Holiday Items Before the Holiday

Holiday items at Michaels will often hit 60 to 70% off one to two weeks before the holiday. After the holiday you can save around 80%.

Look Everywhere for Clearance Items

Unlike some stores, Michaels has clearance items all over the store. They may have part of an aisle where most of them are, but you'll also find them on end caps and mixed in with regular priced products.

Orange Clearance Tags Mean the Best Deal

When you see an orange clearance tag on an item at Michaels, this means that they are at or close to their lowest price. If you see an orange tag on an item you want, snatch it up before someone else does. You may also see some green clearance tags. This indicates that the item is new to the clearance inventory. You can get it now or wait until it's marked with an orange tag to get the ultimate savings.

Keep Your Eye Out for Grab Bags

Once Michaels clears out clearance items that haven't sold, some stores will put the items into mystery grab bags that cost anywhere from $2 to $4. It's a gamble whether or not you'll like the items, but it's a fun way to find out.

They Have Free Craft Classes

Michaels stores often have free classes and events on the weekends and more often in the summer for kids and adults. The classes that aren't free are usually very inexpensive and some even include the supplies.

Become an Employee and Save Even More

If you work at Michaels, you'll save 30% on your purchases and you can use it on top of sale prices and coupons. It's not valid on books and clearance items.