Michael Jackson Memorabilia and Collectibles

Pre-Auction Estimates and Final Auction Values

Michael Jackson Victory Tour Costume Shirt
Michael Jackson Victory Tour Costume Shirt Sold for $52,500.

Julien's Auctions

On June 26, 2009, just a day after Michael Jackson’s untimely death, memorabilia relating to the “King of Pop” owned by concert promoter David Gest was sold by Julien’s Auctions at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of a larger celebrity-related sale. Items signed, worn, or created by Jackson himself garnered the most attention from bidders during this historic sale.

This live auction, slated for several months prior to Jackson’s death, included pre-auction estimates for the items being sold (as noted below). As with most celebrity memorabilia selling immediately after a star’s death, the final values came in much higher than they normally would have. When all was said and done, this group of memorabilia relating to Jackson with an estimated value of close to $12,000 brought in more than $232,000.

Estimating Values for Jackson Memorabilia 

When estimating values for your own Michael Jackson keepsakes and collectibles, keep in mind that prices were the highest while his untimely demise was still breaking news. Years later, they have stabilized somewhat. However, Jackson-owned items are still prized among collectors of celebrity memorabilia and highly valued.

It's also wise to take note that many forgeries of autographs immediately cropped up after his death, according to Kovels' weekly email newsletter. Before spending excessively to acquire an item purportedly owned by the King of Pop, be sure to have it authenticated or buy only from a reputable source who will stand behind their claim of authenticity.

Final selling values shown below from the June 26, 2009 sale include a buyer's premium (a fee paid by the buyer retained by the auction house that can vary from sale to sale) ranging from 20 to 28 percent for this particular sale.

Lot 316 – Jackson 5 Signed Album – Est. $400-600 – Sold: $34,560

Lot 318 – Vintage Jackson 5 Photographs – Est. $400-600 – Sold: $2,048

Lot 319 – Jackson 5 Early Concert Poster – Est. $300-500 – Sold: $2,000

Lot 320 – Michael Jackson Vintage Photos – Est. $100-150 – Sold: $2,750

Lot 321 – Michael Jackson Signed Album – Est. $200-300 – Sold: $3,437.50

Lot 322 – The Jacksons Triumph Tour Concert Poster – Est. $300-500 – Sold: $2,812.50

Lot 323 – Michael Jackson victory Tour Costume Shirt – Est. $1,000-1,500 – Sold: $54,500

Lot 324 – Michael Jackson Hand Written Letter – Est. $200-300 – Sold: $18,750

Lot 325 – Michael Jackson RIAA Record Award – Est. $300-500 – Sold: $4,375

Lot 326 – Michael Jackson Signed Art Print – Est. $ 200-300 – Sold: $8,000

Lot 327 – Michael Jackson “Bad” Costume Piece and Signed CD – Est. $600-800 – Sold: $10,240

Lot 328 – Michael Jackson Hand Written “Bad” Lyrics – Est. $500-700 – Sold: $13,440

Lot 329 – Michael Jackson Signed Belt – Est. $400-600 – Sold: $5,937.50

Lot 330 – Michael Jackson Signed Tribute Program Proof – Est. $200-300 – Sold: $9.375

Lot 331 – Jacksons Contract Signature Page – Est. $400-600 – Sold: $3,750

Lot 332 – Michael Jackson Signed Poster – Est. $200-300 – Sold: $8,320

Lot 333 – Michael Jackson Signed Concert Poster – Est. $200-300 – Sold: $3,520

Lot 334 – Drawing of a Boy by Michael Jackson – Est. $1,500-2000 – Sold: $20,480

Lot 335 – Mickey Mouse Painting by Michael Jackson – Est. $1,000-1,500 – Sold: $25,000

Julien's Auctions, located in Los Angeles, California, is a premier seller of celebrity collectibles and memorabilia. In addition to offering desirable objects to sellers on the auction floor, they also sell via live webcast bidding online. For many fans, this is a way to obtain items owned by Jackson without having to travel to California to get them.

Keep in mind that if you bid in a live online auction that shipping costs can be quite high, as most auction houses use third party shippers who package and mail parcels on their behalf. This, depending on the insured value, can add a substantial amount to your total auction invoice. Be sure to get a delivery estimate before bidding if this is a concern for you.