Math Puzzles for Kids

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These free math puzzles, counting mazes, dot-to-dot puzzles and math worksheets are an enjoyable way for kids to improve their math skills and to test their knowledge of numbers. Basic logic puzzles and lateral thinking problems can also be found here:

  • Little Animals Activity Center: From the BBC, a series of easy addition and subtraction games for ages 4 to 11.
  • Primary Math: Fun and easy math games designed with kids from Grades K through 4 in mind. These games will help children master the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, improve their logic skills and develop an understanding of basic geometry.
  • Brain Boosters: Here, you'll find a wide variety of fairly easy logic problems, number and math play puzzles, lateral thinking problems to help improve critical and logical thinking and word puzzles to hone reasoning skills.
  • CTK Math Games For Kids: This site offers nearly one hundred puzzles, games and activities to help develop and test your mathematical skills.
  • Connect-the-Dot Puzzles: These dot-to-dot games are a fun way for youngsters to acquire basic number recognition and counting skills.
  • Maze Puzzles: On this page, you'll find various holiday-themed maze puzzles as well as counting mazes to help youngsters improve their multiplication skills.
  • Cool Math 4 These math puzzles, brain benders, and logic games start out easy, and get more difficult as you work through the list.
  • Towers of Hanoi - Kid's Version: In this strategy puzzle, the challenge is to move the rings from the 'tower' on the left to the 'tower' on the right. The difficulty is that you can only move one ring at a time and only place a smaller ring on top of a larger ring.
  • Rush Hour: This game is an online version of the sliding block puzzle invented by Nob Yoshigahara in the 1970s. It involves finding a way in which the red VW beetle can escape from the traffic jam. Can you complete all twelve levels?
  • Math Games and Brain Teasers: Interactive math puzzles and games for all ages.
  • Sudoku for Kids: Very easy 4x4 Sudoku puzzles in PDF format to print and solve.
  • Very Easy Sudoku Puzzles: These sudoku games have the traditional 9x9 grid, but have more "givens", making for an easier game for those who are just beginning to develop their solving strategies. These printable sudoku games come four to a page.
  • Math Links for K-6 Teachers: These lesson plans include various activities and ideas for primary school educators to use in teaching children the basic concepts of math.
  • Tangrams Strategy Puzzle: An online version of the ancient Chinese puzzle in which seven geometric shapes (Tans) must be arranged in such a way that they match the different figures that are given.
  • Free Math Facts Worksheets: Create free customizable worksheets to print and use in class. Answer keys are also available.
  • Free Elementary and Preschool Math Activities: Lots of math-related games and activities: geometry games, measurement games, number sense games and more!
  • Math: Make learning about counting money, place values, fractions, and geometry fun with these entertaining math games.

Printable Math Worksheets

  • First Grade Math Worksheets
  • Free Printable Math Worksheets from About Homeschooling
  • Tangram Pattern to Print
  • Free Math Worksheets

The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles Book

Crammed with brain teasers, math games, puzzles, and trivia, this book makes working with numbers fun! Kids can decode hidden messages, learn to create magic number squares, connect the dots using math and much more. Kids will have so much fun with these activities, they might just forget they're learning!

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