Mason Jar DIY Projects We Love

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    50 Mason Jar DIY Projects We Love

    Repurpose your mason jars with one of these 50 DIY projects. From practical uses to beautiful home decor ideas, you're sure to find at least one project that you'll love.

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    Watermelon Mason Jars

    Final watermelon mason jar
    Caylin Harris

    A little spray paint goes a long way into transforming these plain glass jars into watermelon glasses. Perfect for summer fun, use these to sip on a cocktail, corral utensils for seasonal entertaining, or hold party favors.

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    DIY Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

    Macrame is so trendy right now and what better way to use it than for a plant hanger! Add a mason jar, and you've got the perfect (not to mention easy) DIY to spruce up your space.

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    DIY Citronella Candle

    diy citronella candles
    Caylin Harries

    Keep the bugs away on cool summer evenings with DIY citronella candles. This easy tutorial will you show you how to make stylish alternatives to the not-so-pretty store-bought ones.

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    DIY Cupcake Holder

    It's happened to all of us: We spend the time making cupcakes for someone's birthday or a special occasion only to have our energies wasted when they get smashed or ruined during the transporting process. This useful DIY cupcake holder is sure to keep your cupcake safe upon delivery!

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    DIY Mason Jar Monogram

    This monogram light is made of mason jars! How cool is that?

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    DIY Pencil Cup

    A repurposed jar is the perfect vessel for your office supplies (and small plants and succulents!). Spruce yours up with gold paint.

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    DIY Rose Petal Bath Soak

    Treat yourself (or a friend) to a jar of rose petal bath soak–perfect for relaxing after a long day at work.


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    DIY Etched Glass Candy Jar

    For an easy gift idea, make a custom candy jar. An easy way to decorate the jar, and further personalize the gift, is to add an etched monogram design to the front.

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    DIY Glow in the Dark Jar

    Kids will especially adore this project. This DIY glow in the dark jar looks like a jar filled with fireflies. Use them as decor for your nighttime outdoor parties in the summer.

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    DIY Chocolate Scented Candles

    Turn small mason jars into chocolate-scented candles to light in your home, or to give away as party favors.

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    DIY Mason Jar Table Lamp

    Make your custom table lamp by repurposing a mason jar as the base of the lamp. 

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    DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gift

    For the perfect party favor for adults, create these cocktail gift sets. Fill a mason jar with a canned drink and attach a bottle of alcohol to the jar, along with a stirrer. You can create multiple drink combinations for different tastes.

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    DIY Pineapple Luminary Jar

    This DIY pineapple luminary jar would be perfect whimsical decor for a kid or teen's room, or for extra lighting on the patio.

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    DIY Brownie Jar

    For an inexpensive gift idea, make a jar of brownie mix. Layer all the dry ingredients in a mason jar and attach the recipe to the exterior of the jar.

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    DIY Milk Glass Soap Dispenser

    Replace your old kitchen soap dispenser with a stylish milk glass soap dispenser. You can make your own using a mason jar, a soap pump, and some paint.

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    DIY Sewing Kit

    Repurpose a mason jar to create a small sewing kit. Fill it with all the essentials you would need to fix a small tear or broken button. Top it off with a pincushion!

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    DIY Hanging Patio Lights

    Hang a string of handmade lights across your patio with this amazing DIY project.

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    DIY Colored Candle Holders

    Enhance your tablescape with a set of brightly colored ​candleholders

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    DIY Bathroom Storage

    Small bathroom? For an easy way to add extra storage space in your bathroom, mount mason jars to your wall. The jars are perfect for holding small essentials, like toothbrushes and cotton balls. ​

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    DIY Superhero Bank

    For a rainy day activity, your kids can create their own "piggy" banks out of mason jars. This project allows them to personalize the jars to resemble their favorite superheroes.

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    DIY Silverware Holder

    This DIY silverware holder is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Place all your forks, spoons and knives in mason jars before transporting your silverware outside–this holder will help you save time the next time you need to bring all your dishware to your outdoor dining area.

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    DIY Glitter Vase

    Add some sparkle to your home's decor with these lovely DIY glitter vases.

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    DIY Mason Jar Pendant Light

    Replace the light fixture over your dining table with a handmade rustic pendant light. This innovative mason jar chandelier is perfect for those who love farmhouse style.

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    DIY Emoji Mason Jars

    Children are sure to love making these emoji containers for their rooms. For the perfect afternoon activity, provide them with a small mason jar and some paint so they can recreate their favorite emoji.

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    DIY Polka Dot Cup

    Decorate a mason jar with gold polka dots for the perfect party glasses.

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    DIY Frosted Votive

    Add some soft diffused light to your home with these DIY frosted candle holders.

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    DIY Dog Treat Jar

    Spoil your dog with a jar full of his favorite treats.

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    DIY Hanging Window Treatment

    Add flowers to your home in an unexpected way with this clever DIY hanging window treatment project.

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    DIY Watermelon and Lemon Jars

    These cute mason jars painted with fruit designs are perfect for your next summer BBQ.

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    DIY Twine Organizer

    Prevent your twine from becoming knotted with this DIY storage jar and organizer.

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    DIY Storage Jars

    These chic DIY storage jars are perfect for your bathroom, your dresser or your vanity.

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    DIY Gilded Centerpiece

    For an easy DIY centerpiece at a holiday or special occasion dinner, paint a bunch of mason jars and group them together. Add flowers to some and utensils in others for a functional and beautiful centerpiece.

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    DIY Margarita Body Scrub

    Treat yourself to a spa day with a jar of margarita body scrub that will leave your skin feeling super soft.

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    DIY Bunny Jar

    Repurpose an old plastic toy into a decorative top for a mason jar. The completed jar is perfect to store candies, small knick-knacks or office supplies within. 

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    DIY Memory Jar

    At the end of the year, reflect on all that has happened and all that you've achieved with a DIY memory jar. Write down memories on pieces of paper and place them in the jar to store them until the end of the next year, when you can go back and add new memories from the previous year and read your old ones.

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    DIY Pedicure in a Jar

    Craft a DIY pedicure jar with everything you need to pamper yourself. The completed pedicure jar is perfect to toss into a suitcase when traveling or to give as a gift to a friend.

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    DIY First Aid Jar

    Keep all your first aid supplies together with a DIY first aid jar. You can make your own by decorating a jar and filling it with essential first aid supplies, such as band-aids.

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    DIY Cold Brew Coffee

    Treat yourself to a delicious cup of cold brew coffee at home with this DIY mason jar brewer.

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    DIY Mason Jar Candles

    Learn how to make your own mason jar candles by with this simple DIY tutorial.

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    DIY Snow Globe

    Create a custom snow globe this winter with this magical DIY.

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    DIY Skull Luminary

    Add some edgy flair to your home's decor with a DIY skull luminary that would look fabulous on your coffee table. Not into skulls? Save these for around Halloween time!

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    DIY Glitter Polka Dot Mason Jar

    For a beautiful way to store drinking straws on your bar cart, try these glitter polka dot jars.

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    DIY Bathroom Set

    This tutorial offers another way to keep your bathroom tidy with a set of mason jar holders.

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    DIY Bubble Party Favor

    For a fun favor at a kids' party, fill some small mason jars with bubble solution so the party guests can blow bubbles.

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    DIY Custom Foil Mason Jar

    For a simple enhancement to an ordinary jar, decorate the tops of your mason jars with custom letterpress foil tops.

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    DIY Advent Calendar

    Countdown to Christmas with this creative DIY mason jar advent calendar.

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    DIY Utensils Holder

    This DIY utensils holder is perfect for a BBQ, as guests can help themselves to cutlery.

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    DIY Glitter Storage Jar

    For pretty storage containers, follow this tutorial to add glitter to ordinary jars.

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    DIY Kitchen Storage Jars

    Store kitchen essentials like flour and sugar with these DIY storage jars.