Mask Crafts

How to Make Mask Crafts Using Paper and Recycled Materials

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Learn how you can make your own masks for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or any occasion. Make the mask crafts here and then use them as inspiration to create your own mask project. If you do, don't forget to submit your project.
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    Eye Mask Template
    Eye Mask Template.

    Download this template and print it out on heavy paper. You can cut it out, color it in, and decorate it; or, use it as a template to make a mask out of another material.

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    Hand Print Mask Craft
    Hand Print Mask Craft.

    You can make a one-of-a-kind mask by cutting your hand prints out of craft foam or paper. Glue the palms together, cut out two eye holes, and decorate!

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    Paper Mache Eye Mask

    Paper Mache Eye Mask
    Paper Mache Eye Mask.

    This craft how-to video teaches you how to make a Venetian style (covering the eyes only) paper mache mask.

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    Paper Mache Face Masks
    Paper Mache Face Masks.

    This tutorial explains how to create a mask by using your own face as a mold.

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    Paper Mache Pig Mask

    Paper Mache Pig Mask
    Paper Mache Pig Mask. Submitted by Lissa MacGregor

    Lissa MacGregor explains how you can create a paper mache mask that looks like a pig.

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    Paper Plate Mask Craft
    Paper Plate Mask Craft.

    Follow these directions and you can make a fancy mask using a paper plate.

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    Plastic Jug Handle Eye Masks

    Plastic Jug Handle Eye Masks
    Plastic Jug Handle Eye Masks.

    Learn how you can use the handle section from a milk jug and an assortment of craft supplies to create unique masks.

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    Plastic Jug Masks

    Plastic Jug Masks
    Plastic Jug Masks.

    This project sheet shows you how to decorate a milk or water jug to be a unique mask. You can make it look like a real creature or something mythical.

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    Pumpkin Mask

    Pumpkin Mask Craft
    Pumpkin Mask.

    Follow the suggestions shared in this video and you can use a paper plate to make a pumpkin mask.