9 Creative Crochet Bag Patterns

Carry Everything From Keys to Groceries in These Crochet Bags

Leaf's Creations / Etsy

Crochet bags can be as small as a simple clutch for carrying your essentials or as large as a market bag to carry your groceries. These ten creative crochet patterns run the gamut from a small clutch purse to a large beach tote and give you plenty of options for in-between sizes as well. You can have a lot of fun creating these crochet bags, designing them as accessories to match your wardrobe during each season of the year.

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    Crochet bags make great personalized gifts for your bridesmaids and this is the perfect little pattern for making them. This floral crochet bag can be used by anyone, though. This is a small drawstring bag that doesn't require any extra hardware or construction knowledge. It has a lovely textured spiral design on the outside that adds extra pizzazz.

    Bridesmaids Posy Bag from Ali Crafts Designs

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    Cabled Tote Free Crochet Pattern
    Emily Martin / Ravelry

    This sophisticated bag is thick and sturdy, able to carry everything from your tablet to your water bottle. With cozy cables, this is a terrific accessory that transcends the seasons. The instructions, available as a free pattern download through Ravelry, include information for making a small and medium version of the purse.

    Cabled Tote from Emily Martin, via Ravelry

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    Crochet bags can be constructed in so many different ways. One of the key differences in the handles, which may be crocheted (or not) and may be added to the body or worked into the design. This striped crochet bag has built-in handles; slip the bag right onto your wrist. The stripes on this purse are created by the yarn itself. The stitches are simple but they are worked in unique combinations to create some interesting texture.

    Trinity Crochet Bag from Nicki's Homemade Crafts

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    Mochila Clutch Crochet Pattern

    Mochila Clutch Crochet Pattern
    Leafs Creations / Etsy

    This crochet clutch is worked in tapestry crochet with a design that is inspired by Mochila bags. The pattern, for sale through Etsy, is 23 pages long, providing you with every detail that you need to complete one (or more!) of these adorable crochet bags. The instructions include information for adding a lining to the purse.

    Mochila Clutch, $5.56, Leafs Creations, via Etsy

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    Lace Panel Crossbody Bag Crochet Pattern

    Lace Panel Crossbody Bag Crochet Pattern
    Kathy's Crochet Closet / Etsy

    Easy crochet stitches are worked in beautiful shells to create lacy panels that make for a beautiful bag. This is one of the crochet bags that you will need to line, and the pattern includes all of the instructions to help you with that. You will also learn to attach a moving bar slide to create adjustable crochet straps. This large bag is almost one foot wide and 8 inches tall. 

    Lace Panel Crossbody Bag, $5, Kathy's Crochet Closet, via Etsy

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    This is one of those crochet bags that you can make in a whole spectrum of colors to use all throughout the year. It is designed as a beach bag but it also works as a market bag. This purse is created with t-shirt yarn, which you can either make yourself or purchase, and it is crafted with a large hook so it works up really fast. This is an instant gratification project that you'll enjoy for a long time to come. 

    Litus Beach Bag from Joy of Motion Crochet

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    This free crochet pattern was inspired by the design of the classic French net grocery bag. It is designed to be effortless, both in the easy construction and in the ease of carrying items inside of it. This bag is made with basic crochet stitches and simple shaping. It is roomy enough to hold a wide variety of items that you might want to bring home from the store or farmer's market.

    French Market Bag from Two of Wands

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    This tri-color crochet bag pattern has a chic sense of style, especially with the long handles added to the design. The color work is created using Intarsia crochet, and the pattern is designed to be easy enough that beginners to this niche of the craft can learn through working the bag. This crochet beach bag pattern is for sale through Ravelry but there is a smaller, zippered pouch version available for free from the designer.

    Hove Beach Bag from Fay Dashper-Hughes, via Ravelry

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    This is a cotton crochet tote bag that is large enough to carry everything you might want to pack for a day trip to the beach. It actually comes in two sizes, giving you some versatility in your options. The design gives a nod to a nautical theme with the blue and white stripes and rope handle; the latter makes it a very durable tote.

    Classic Beach Bag from Little Monkeys Crochet