Using Markers for Rubber Stamp Projects

Red, yellow, and blue macro market pens

Marissa Jill / Getty Images

Marker pens have two main uses in rubber stamping projects. They can be used to color in images and bring vibrant shades and hues to designs, while some marker pens can also be used to ink a rubber stamp. Not all marker pens are the same. Qualities such as whether a marker pen has a brush or fine tip, or if the ink is slow or fast-drying, will dictate the way that the pens are best used.


There is a wide range of different types of marker pens, but you can check out some of the wide variety of types of marker pens found online. These range from cheap packs of marker pens that are used by children or for household use to highly specialized marker pens that are designed for artistic or craft use.

Pen Tip Types

Most marker pens have fiber tips. This means that the pen consistently delivers the ink. The slightly flexible nature of the fiber tip means that the thickness of the line can be varied by adding or reducing pressure.

Brush markers are pens that have a broader and more flexible tip that works like a paintbrush to give thick and thin lines. Brush markers typically have a tip that tapers to a fine point, meaning that they also produce detailed work.

Some pens also have dual tips, with a fine tip at one end and a thicker tip at the other end. These pens are ideal for coloring projects.


There is a wide range of inks used in marker pens. Traditionally one of the features required from marker pens was that they were fast drying; therefore, many pens contain an alcohol-based ink. This is rapid drying making it ideal for coloring, but not for the inking of stamps.

Some marker pens contain water-based ink that is slower drying and these pens are suitable for the inking of rubber stamps and will also blend well.

Some ink manufacturers produce marker pens in colors to complement or match their ink pads. Pens are also available with permanent inks, and these slow-drying inks will write on vellum.

Buying Options

Marker pens can be bought individually or in packs, and these both have their benefits. Buying marker pens individually means that specific color or type can be purchased for a project, whereas buying packs often offers a cost-saving per pen and provides a range of colors for a variety of uses. Packs of marker pens often come in storage containers, which are a useful way of keeping the pens together.

Marker pens such as Sharpies can be found just about anywhere. Special marker pens for craft projects are usually found in craft and stamping supplies stores. When shopping online, compare prices to find the best deal.

Acid-Free and Archival

When using marker pens in a project where the colors are required to stay permanent for many years to come, for instance, wedding invitations or special birthday cards, it is important to buy marker pens that contain inks that are classified as being acid-free and of archival quality. These inks are developed, tested, and guaranteed to be fade and light resistant and to last for many years into the future.


Marker pens can be used in many rubber stamping projects including:

  • Coloring in outline stamps
  • Adding detail or text to a design
  • Pens with slow-drying inks can be used to ink stamps
  • Parts of a stamp can be inked with different colored inks for a multi-colored effect
  • Special embossing ink marker pens can be used for embossing projects