How to Make a Mardi Gras Mask

With Feathers, Glitter, and More

Ahh, Mardi Gras. The wholesome holiday where we can all come together in joyful celebration of, well, the spirit of Partying On.

The best thing about Mardi Gras is the costumes and masks. It's like the hardcore Halloween that works to sweep away the Winter blues in a flurry on confetti and brass horns.

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    Mask Method #1: Custom Fit Paper Mache Mask

    Paper Mache Mask
    Paper Mache Mask. Rain Blanken

    You can take on Mardi Gras this year with a mask that not only looks fabulous but is custom-made to fit your very own face. The best part is that all you need to make this couture face is a little flour and water.

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    Mask Method #2 Make a Cardboard Eye Mask

    Alternately, you can make a Mardi Gras mask from cardboard or paper using this ​blank eye mask template.

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    Make a Feathered Mask

    Feathered Mardi Gras Mask
    Feathered Mardi Gras Mask. Rain Blanken

    You don't have to be a mysterious stranger to conjure the mystique of a feathery mask. I'll show you how to make one using a few simple materials, lots of feathers, and the will to dazzle at the masquerade.

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    Paint the Mask

    Mardi Gras Mask
    Mardi Gras Mask. Rain Blanken

    Whether painting on cardboard or dried paper mache, you'll want to use an acrylic paint (compare prices). This is because it will resist water, which is important for the durability of your mask. Acrylic paint won't cost you much and you should have enough left over for future projects.

    Here are some painting ideas:
    • Try a purple, green and yellow combination to represent the traditional Mardi Gras colors.
    • Work in some metallic paints for an old-fashioned look.
    • Paint a jester-style diamond pattern as shown.
    • Paint around the eyes and mouth to emphasize. You can paint lips or eyelashes.
    • Go with an animal theme, painting on whiskers and fur.
    • Use a free printable shape stencil to help paint on colorful shapes.
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    Add Sequin Shapes

    Sequins. Image courtesy of PriceGrabber

    Every mask needs at least a little bit of glam. Add a row of sequins at the bottom of your feathery crown, at the corners of the eyes, or along the sides of your mask.

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    Glitter Glue Glam

    Glitter Glue
    Glitter Glue. Image courtesy of PriceGrabber

    When it comes to glitter, you can try a spray-on adhesive glitter for the entire mask, or add bits of glitter flakes with the help of some white glue.

    Here are some glitter ideas:

    • Make swirls of glue on the cheeks of your mask and coat with glitter.
    • Trace around the eyes with multicolored glitter.
    • Create sweeping eyelashes with lines of glitter.
    • Add a glue-glitter mix to a paintbrush and paint glittery shapes.
    • Put glitter only on top of on paint color, such as yellow.
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    Examples of Finished Eye Masks

    Feathered Masks
    Feathered masks. Rain Blanken

    I was fortunate enough to talk with a professional mask maker at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Her shop, The Feather Place, played host to a variety of expertly crafted masks. See what she's done with her masks to get inspiration for you own.