How to Make Your Own ABC Book for Your Baby

Blank paper on the table with ABC blocks

Emrah Turudu/Getty Images

Reading to your baby throughout the first year of his life is the best way to set the foundation for developing lifelong literacy skills. Although there are certainly plenty of wonderful children's books to choose from at your local library or bookstore, consider making your own book for story time. A handmade ABC book can be personalized for your child, creating a special keepsake that will be cherished for many years to come.

Supplies Needed

To create your alphabet book, you'll need to gather photos of people, places, and things that are important in your child's life. Crop the photos using a large circle or square punch. Photos don't need to be matted for this type of project, although you can certainly take the time to mat the images if you wish.

Leftover embellishments from other scrapbooking projects, especially products with seasonal or holiday themes, work great for making an ABC book because they can help you illustrate words that don't readily match the photos you have available. Alphabet stickers are also helpful for writing small captions next to photos; it is fine to mix and match several different fonts if you don't want to buy new stickers for the project.

Many companies make alphabet themed patterned papers that would be perfect for ABC book projects, although you are more likely to find them with school scrapbooking supplies than with the supplies for making a baby album.

ABC Book Ideas

Once you've gathered your supplies, you'll need to come up with words for each letter of the alphabet. Some possible words to use for a baby ABC book include:

  • A: asleep, angel, adorable, adventure, aunt, April, August
  • B: beautiful, bathing, breastfeeding, bibs, bonnets, breakfast, birthday, brother, bubbles, bows, blankets, black, brown, blue
  • C: cute, clever, cherished clapping, cuddling, crying, cousins, cruising, christening, candy
  • D: darling, Daddy, discovering, drinking, diapers, dancing, December
  • E: Easter, entertaining, eating, expressions
  • F: fun, favorite things, first milestones, Fourth of July, family, February
  • G: Grandpa, Grandma, grumpy, grinning, gorgeous, gifts, growing, green
  • H: happy, hiding, hands, handsome, haircut
  • I: innocent, I love you, ice cream
  • J: jump, jabber, jack in the box, January, June, July
  • K: kisses, knitted booties
  • L: little, laughing, lovable, learning
  • M: messy, mud puddles, Mommy, magical moment, March, May
  • N: newborn, noisy, napping, November
  • O: outdoors, outing, October, onesie, orange
  • P: playtime, puddles, peaceful, precious, pretty, parents, purple
  • Q: quiet, quack, quick
  • R: rain, rainbows, reading, red
  • S: Spring, Summer, September, sweet, sitting, standing, swimming, sliding, stroller, sister
  • T: toys, trucks, teddy bears, tiny, treasure, tall, time
  • U: unique, unusual, uncle
  • V: Valentine's Day, vegetables, V.I.P, very cute, vacation
  • W: water, wonder, wonderful, wiggling, waving, winter, white
  • X: X-tra special, X-mas, xylophone
  • Y: yucky, yawning, yarn, yellow
  • Z: zipper, zippy, zoo

One of the nicest aspects of an ABC scrapbook is that this format is very flexible. When making an ABC book, you can use just one word per page or choose a collection of words. You can layout your pages so that each letter is on a separate page or you can combine two letters on each page to make the book shorter in length.

Enjoying Your Work

Since this is a project you will want to encourage your child to look at with you, consider having your finished pages laminated and spiral bound at your local copy shop. This will help make sure your work stays protected for as long as possible.