How to Make a Scrapbook Page

basic scrapbook page
Carol Yepes/Getty Images

Sort Your Photos

father and daughters apple picking

This scrapbook page layout has basic, clean lines that will look fabulous in any album. First, select several photos of one theme. In this sample, there are four photos from a fall trip to the apple orchard. These photos will be used to create a single, 12-inch square scrapbook page. If you're considering creating a two-page spread, choose several more pictures to fill both pages. 

Choose a Focal Point Photo

father and daughters apple picking

Select one photo to be the main picture on your layout. The easiest way to create a balanced, pleasing scrapbook page layout is to have a single focal point. Here, the strongest of the four images will be the focal point of the page. Next, crop or reprint the other photos in a smaller size so that the focal point photo is the largest one on the page.

Choose Paper and Embellishments

family photos on top of sample scrapbook pages

Select colors of solid and patterned papers that accentuate the photos. The selection for this page includes hunter green, navy, red, and white cardstock, with a pair of blue-green patterned papers as accents. The patterned papers have coordinating stickers that are perfect for this layout.

Create a Background

patterned scrapbook page background

To begin putting together the scrapbook page, you need a canvas. Here, a two-inch strip of the patterned papers and a four-inch strip of the solid green cardstock are used. Both pieces are topped off with a strip of paper or a border sticker. This is the background for the page.

Double-Mat the Focal Point Photo

creating a matted border for photo

The focal point photo will be placed on the large field of green cardstock in the middle of the page. A technique used to frame the main photo is to double-mat it. First, this photo is matted with white cardstock ​and next with a slightly larger frame of red cardstock. This double mat gives extra emphasis to the focal point on the page. If you are not able to make the supporting photos smaller, double-matting the focal point photo is often all you need to give it the prominence required to balance the layout.

Group Mat the Supporting Photos

grouping family photos together

A great time-saving technique in scrapbooking is to mat several photos all on one piece of cardstock. Here, all three of the supporting photos have been matted on a single strip of white cardstock.

Add Photos

placing family photos on scrapbook page

Try out the layout by placing the matted photos on the background page without adhesive. Dry-fitting the parts of your layout before adhering them to the layout is a great way to test the placement of the pieces to make sure you like how they will look on the page.

Add Journaling

photos and caption organized on scrapbook page

The photos on your page will lose their meaning over the years without supporting copy. Here the journaling has been printed on a sheet of white cardstock and trimmed to fit on a strip of navy cardstock that is slipped beneath the focal point photo. You can handwrite your journaling if you wish, or use pre-printed quotes in fancier fonts. 

Add Simple Embellishments

scrapbook embellishment

This particular scrapbook layout does not need very many embellishments. A simple nature-themed sticker added to the paper stripe at the top of the page is all that is needed to complete the scrapbook page.

Add the Scrapbook Page to Your Album

A completed scrapbook page with photos, text, and embellishments

The completed scrapbook page is a simple and quick way to create a layout that uses four photos. It tells the story of the pictures in a clean and classic way that you will always be proud to display in your albums.

Free Scrapbook Page Sketch

Free download scrapbook template

Use this sketch as a guide to creating your scrapbook page. To save the sketch to your computer, simply right click the full-size image and select "save as."

Please remember that all sketches on this site can be copied for personal use, but to share them with friends or on a blog, you should link back to this page.