Make a Simple Village Church in 1:144 Scale

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    Introduction to Making a Village Church

    A paper village church in 1:144 scale
    Lesley Shepherd

    This printable 1:144 or Micro Scale Village Church is modeled on those still found in Western North America and part of a realistic set of printable miniature buildings. Often built by local settlers, they were the first gathering place in many small towns.

    Quick Facts

    • The scale of this building makes it suitable for N scale railroads or use as a Christmas decoration or in a scale village scene.
    • The scale of 1:144 is the scale used for dollhouses inside 1:12 scale dollhouses.
    • This church could be used for a display scene inside a dolls house.
    • There is also a set of "fantasy" buildings based on the parts for miniature dimestore Christmas glitter houses which can be made on the same scale.
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    Materials List

    Layout Sheet showing printable parts for a model village church
    Lesley Shepherd

    To make this 1:144 scale church for a village or railroad scene you will need the following materials:

    • A computer printer
    • 1 piece of 8 and 1/2 by 11-inch good quality printer paper, photo paper or card stock
    • Sharp scissors
    • PVA (white) glue or a good quality glue stick
    • Thin aircraft plywood (1/8 inch or thinner) or bristol board if you want to make sturdier buildings than those made from card
    • Colored pencils or chalks to adjust colors if needed
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    Print Out the Miniature Church Parts

    • Set your printer settings to high quality and print out one copy of the pdf file in Acrobat Reader, which contains the patterns for the church.
    • If you want to build the church from wood or bristol board, print the file on high-quality paper which you can glue to the bristol board or wood.
    • To build the church from card stock or photo weight paper, print the design on a sheet of cardstock or matte photo paper.
    • You will be gluing two layers of this paper together for most parts, so photo paper or card stock make a fairly sturdy small building.
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    Cut Out and Assemble the Village Church

    Interior of a 1:144 scale printable miniature church
    Lesley Shepherd
    1. First, cut out the building facade for the church. Cut it under the roof to halfway across the vertical black trim lines on the corners of the building.
    2. Use a bone folder or a sharp straight edge. Fold the sides of the church crisply at right angles to the church front, folding each of the black vertical trim lines in half so that they are noticeable on each corner. When you are cutting out the building, you can ignore the cropping lines at the top. Then, lay the church front down flat on its printed surface.
    3. Locate the straight brown floor support line. This should be located underneath the building facade piece. Cut it out, keeping the edges as straight as possible. Glue this piece to the back of the church facade, lining it up with the bottom edge. It will act as the support for the floor above. Next, set aside to dry.
    4. Glue the black side trim strips above the walls. Face the black side to the finished side of the façade. Cut it to fit and glue it above the side walls to extend the wall as high as the roof line but leave the roof overhang ready for the roof.
    5. Place the floor with the corners of the building folded. Run a bead of glue along the edge of the floor and glue it in place above the support strip. The floor will not be seen but will keep the building from bowing out of shape. Fold the back wall with the thick edge around the side wall tab and glue the black trim over the side wall to finish the building walls.
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    Add the Bell Tower and Roof

    Printable miniature church bell tower and tower roof
    Lesley Shepherd

    The bell tower will be glued to the end wall of the church. Add the bell tower and roof by following these steps:

    • Cut out the bell tower. Do this by leaving a white tab on one edge, and fold it in the middle of each vertical black trim section. Glue it into a rectangle with the side tab on the inside. Set aside to dry.
    • Make the bell tower roof. Use the single triangle as a template to cut four sections of roof, and glue the sections to the black areas of the roof template. Alternatively, you can use the roof template to cut a single roof piece for the bell tower from the section of roof immediately below the bell tower walls. Fold the roof along the triangular template lines. Apply glue to the white triangular tab and glue it inside the green roof sections to form the bell tower roof. Run a bead of glue along the top of the bell tower and glue the roof in place.
    • Glue the bell tower to the church. Center the bell tower on the back of the church and glue it to the church. Leave to dry.
    • Fit the main roof. Trim the two roof sections, cutting free the white tab to fit around the bell tower. Run a bead of glue along the plain green tab, and glue it underneath the other roof section so that both tabs make a continuous slot for the bell tower on the back edge of the roof. Fit the roof, trim if necessary, and glue in place.
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    Use As a Tree Ornament

    Printable miniature village church along with printable miniature shops
    Lesley Shepherd
    • To hang the small buildings as ornaments, knot a strand of gold thread and use a fine needle to draw it through the church.
    • Return the thread through the same hole and tie the ends together, leaving a hanging loop above the house.
    • Cover the knot on the bottom of the floor with a small piece of tape to strengthen it.