How to Make the Ultimate Balloon Sword

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    Intro to the Best Sword Balloon

    Ultimate Ballon Sword

    When it comes to making sword balloons, in my opinion, this one is the very best. Since it's made from two balloons, it's larger, more colorful and contains more detail than any sword that you can make from a single 260 balloon. Of course, because this one requires two balloons, it takes a bit longer to inflate the balloons and make the sword. But if you've got the time, this is the one that you'll want to make. The kids will love them.

    Video Overview

    Since this sword balloon is a little tricky to describe, I've created a video that you can watch to see and learn the entire process. I recommend that you first watch the video and then follow the step-by-step instructions on this page. Please subscribe to my video channel to stay up to date with the latest instructional balloon videos. 

    What You'll Need

    To make the ultimate sword balloon, you will need to already know how to make a dog balloon animal and have mastered the basiclock, and pinch twists.


    Two 260 Balloons of a different color (one balloon for the blade and the other for the handle)

    (I like to choose a colorful balloon for the handle, and a white, gray, or clear balloon for the blade, for contrast.)

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    Make the Blade

    Ultimate balloon sword blade

    Inflate one balloon for the blade portion of the sword balloon. You'll want to inflate this balloon to nearly its entire length.

    Fold the balloon in half and make a twist at the half-way point. You're essentially splitting the balloon in half and ending up with two large basic twist segments.

    Starting at the midpoint, twist the balloon halves together through their lengths to create a spiral design. After twisting the halves together, twist together about an inch of ​the balloon at the end to lock everything together.

    You'll end up with something like that in the picture.

    Set the "blade" aside.

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    Start the Handle

    Ultimate balloon sword handle

    Starting at the nozzle end of the second balloon, make two pinch twists.

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    Continue Making the Handle

    Ultimate balloon sword handle

    Make a basic twist about four-inches in length. This forms the sword’s handle.

    Make the following basic twists: 1)  the first about three-inches in length, 2) the second about an inch long, and 3) the third, about three inches long to match the first. You're creating one side of the sword's crossguard. Make a lock twist.

    Make the second half of the cross-guard by repeating the previous steps.

    Cut off the remaining balloon and tie it off.

    Note that the image shows the sword's handle before the remaining balloon is cut and tied off.

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    Finish the Ultimate Balloon Sword

    Ultimate ballon sword completed

    You can now attach the blade of the sword to the handle.

    Take the "blade" balloon and orient it with the two small basic twists towards the handle.

    To attach the blade to the handle, twist in the two basic twists from the blade into the intersection between the sword's handle and crossguard. You'll want each of the small balloon twists from the blade to poke out of each side of the handle, as in the picture.

    Straighten out segments as necessary. You have created the ultimate balloon sword.


    If you'd like to make other swords, you'll find a collection of balloon swords that you can construct. Of note, another rather spectacular balloon sword comes in the form of something we call "The Super Balloon Sword" that you can learn here. 

    If you're working at an event where you're making balloons, you always have to gauge the number of people that you have to make balloons for, against the time that you have to make the balloons.

    If you have plenty of time and there isn't much of a line, you can consider making "The Ultimate Balloon Sword." However, if you've got a long line of impatient people waiting, it's probably best to make a more "production line" balloon sword such as Balloon Sword Version 2.

    Best yet, learn and master an advanced technique for making a balloon sword and you can quickly churn these out. You can watch an instructional video on how to quickly make swords.