How to Make Rubber Stamps From Craft Foam

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    Make Your Own Stamps From Craft Foam

    Make Stamps from Craft Foam
    Kate Pullen

    Making your own unique foam stamps from craft foam is easier than you might think! All that is required is to transfer a design to the craft foam and cut this out before applying it to a stamping block. Any bold design will work well. Use your own designs or, if you are seeking inspiration, take a look at some clip art as many of these designs will also work well.

    About Clip Art

    Clip art is freely available and there are literally thousands of designs ready for download. Designs with bold and simple outlines such as flowers and hearts are ideal for making into stamps. Before using clip art do check the terms of the clip art provider to ensure that they allow free usage of their designs.

    Ready Cut Foam Shapes

    Ready cut foam shapes are also readily available from craft stores and these also make ideal shapes for foam stamps.

    The craft foam shape can be attached permanently to a piece of wood or other block, or temporarily attached to an acrylic block using a re-positionable glue.

    Materials Required

    • A sheet of craft foam
    • A mount (either a piece of wood to permanently mount the stamp or an acrylic block)
    • Either permanent or re-positionable glue
    • Suitable design
    • Pen
    • Craft knife (with cutting knife) or a sharp pair of scissors
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    Cut the Image From Craft Foam

    Cut image from craft foam
    Kate Pullen

    Draw a design onto the craft foam or use a piece of clip art or other designs as a template. Carefully cut the image from the craft foam using a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors.

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    Attach the Stamp to a Block

    Attach stamp to block
    Kate Pullen

    There are many different ways of attaching the foam to a stamp block. Use a permanent glue to attach the foam shape to a wooden block for a permanently mounted stamp or use re-positionable glue to attach the foam to an acrylic block. Other ways of attaching the foam to a block include double sided foam or even a glue stick.

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    Tips To Use Your Foam Stamps

    Use ink or paint as required
    Kate Pullen

    If you have created your own stamps following the instructions on the previous page, here are some tips for using your new stamps.

    To use the stamp simply ink it and use it as normal. Foam stamps absorb a lot of ink so make sure to dab it well on the ink pad before stamping.

    Tips for Using Foam Stamps

    • Check that the stamp does not get 'clogged' with paint. This can cause a patched stamped image.
    • Simple and bold image will work well. Very intricate and complex designs may be difficult to cut.
    • Draw your design onto paper and use a photocopier to increase or decrease the size. This will give you a range of different sizes of an identical design.