Make Printable Miniature Gothic Glitter Houses with Mansard Roofs

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    Make Printable Miniature 1:144 Scale Gothic Glitter Houses with Mansard Roofs

    Three gothic style mansard roof miniature halloween glitter houses made using free printables.
    Three miniature Halloween glitter houses built with free printables in a variety of different styles and color combinations. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    Here are more free printables for a glitter Halloween village. These can be used to make a range of different houses one to three stories tall. They can be matched to the earlier buildings in the Miniature Halloween Village Series and parts from one set can be used to modify the others. Apply glitter to all the building or just the trim, or leave them plain and cut open the windows, back them with cellophane, then add a set of cool running LED lights to create a spooky village. Use the templates...MORE with glittered paper or use them to make Halloween gingerbread.

    In addition to the other buildings in the Halloween Village series linked above, you can mix and match these parts with the Haunted Farmhouse and Barn or combine them with other designs from the Printable Christmas Glitter Village set, to make extra houses for your Halloween display.

    The next slide in this series links to the printable files for the glitter houses

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    Parts for the Printable Miniature Gothic Halloween House

    Printable parts sheet for miniature mansard roof halloween glitter houses in 1:144 scale.
    Parts Sheet for Printable Miniature Halloween Mansard Roof Houses. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    The parts for the miniature Gothic Halloween house come sized to match the other pieces in the 1:144 scale village. These parts will also work for dollhouse sized displays inside a 1:12 or 1:6 scale dollhouse, and they can be used with N scale train layouts.

    To print the parts, set up your printer to work with A4 or letter sized paper and use the PDF (acrobat reader required) Printable Gothic Mansard Roof House Parts linked here.

    The PDF parts will print to the correct size and scale. Do not try...MORE to use the lower quality photo on this page to print the parts for the miniature glitter houses.

    See the next page in this series for the list of materials used to make the glitter houses, You may want to print them on lightweight card or photo paper.

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    Tools and Materials to Make Gothic Halloween Houses

    Tools and supplies used to make a miniature mansard roofed halloween glitter house.
    Tools and supplies used to make miniature halloween glitter houses included micro glitter, glass glitter, a bone folder, scissors, swivel knife, glue, and a glue spreader. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    To make this set of miniature N scale Gothic mansard roof Halloween houses you will need:

    • Light Weight Card or Photo Paper - One sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 inch card stock or paper for the houses. You can print the sheet onto regular paper and glue it to heavier backing (cereal boxes etc.) or you can use regular paper to print templates which you can cut from decorative scrapbook cover stock or paper. Templates can also be used to make parts for mini halloween gingerbread houses using polymer clay or...MORE cookie dough.
    • PVA (white) glue I suggest you use an acid free glue, similar to Lineco pH Neutral PVA
    • Fine Tipped Glue Pen - to apply glue for glitter around window and door details.
    • Bone Folder A bone folder is used to get precise neat edges for some of the very small folds.
    • Sharp Scissors
    • Glue Spreader
    • Bent Nose Tweezers
    • Sharp Craft Knife or Ceramic Precision Cutter - I suggest a swivel knife or ceramic blade knife.
    • Cutting Mat
    • Metal Edge Ruler
    • Assorted glitters and Acrylic Paints to finish off the landscapes and finish the houses if you wish a traditional look. The best glitters for this scale are Micro Glitter or 100mm grit German Glass Glitter

    See the next page of these instructions for information on adding glitter to the houses.

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    Use a Glue Pen to Apply Glitter Around Windows and Doors

    Glue pen used to outline window details on a printable miniature Halloween glitter house.
    Use a fine tipped glue pen to outline decorative details before you apply glitter to a printable miniature Halloween house. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    If you want to apply glitter directly around the printed details on the gothic house walls, rather than gluing spare doors over the glitter, use a fine tipped glue pen to outline the detail area, then draw the glue away from the detail using a glue spreader. Lay the wall on a sheet of folded paper, and pour glitter over the wall. Press the glitter firmly into place then shake off the excess. If you wish, you can press the glued wall section down into a mound of glitter on a non stick work...MORE surface. A rounded toothpick embossing tool or scrap of card can be used to pull any lines of glitter into place around the details if the glitter has spread to cover the windows or doors.

    The glitter shown here is orange German Glass glitter, which is fairly chunky in this scale, but adds lots of sparkle.

    The next page of these instructions will show you how to assemble the printable building parts.

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    Make the Tower and Building Base for the Glittered Halloween Gothic House

    Tower assembly glued to main walls of a printable miniature Halloween glitter house.
    The main walls and tower of the gothic glitter house are glued together, and trim and a porch roof are added to the tower section. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    To assemble the main buildings and towers for the Gothic Halloween glitter houses, begin by cutting out the main building and tower sections. You can mix and match the colors or sizes of the towers, or set them on the side instead of the front of a building.

    For Glittered Houses Glitter the parts while flat, but after you have set the fold lines and before you glue the pieces together. You may need to touch up the glitter after you have assembled the house. If you wish you can glue doors or...MORE windows on top of the glittered area using the extra parts included in the Halloween Farm Buildings set.

    With the main parts cut out, folding the white tabs cleanly away from the finished surfaces over a sharp ruler or other straight edge. A bone folder helps to create sharp folds.

    Once you have the parts glittered (see previous step) you can glue the rectangles by applying glue to the tabs and using your tweezers to securely attach the tab behind the open wall edge of the building piece.

    To glue the towers to the buildings, apply glue to the side of the tower you want to glue, and press the building wall to the tower. If you wish, apply a band of trim to the tower to mark the interior floor line. You can also apply the small roof sections to fit over the door for a porch.

    Note: As many of the parts are black or dark grey, they can smear with fingerprints if you do not allow you paper to dry thoroughly after printing. Gloss photo paper may be a problem. If you have difficulty, print on regular paper and glue the paper onto a backing of lightweight card.


    The next page of these instructions will show you how to assemble the Mansard roof parts.

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    Cut and Assemble the Miniature Mansard Roof Sections

    Trimming a printable miniature mansard roof for a Halloween glitter house.
    The narrow side edges of the printable mansard roof are trimmed along the roof line and then the front tab is cut free before assembling the roof of the Halloween glitter house. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    To cut the roof sections, cut straight along the narrow side parts of the roof, freeing the edge of the tabs on the front and back of the roof. Trim the tabs along the printed lines and fold the tabs and the square at the top of the roof along the fold lines. Do this for both the tower and the main mansard roof sections.

    If you want to attach a tower to the center front of the house, cut out the small square on one side of the roof along the grey lines. Otherwise you can set his section on the...MORE back of the building where it won't be as noticeable.

    Glue the white tabs under the sides of the roof, using your bent nose tweezers to secure the glued tab in place.

    Allow the roof section to dry, then glitter it and / or apply roof trim.

    The next page of these instructions will show you how to add dormers to the towers or roofs.

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    Shape and Add Dormers to the Mansard Roof or Tower

    Assembling roof dormers for a printable miniature halloween glitter house.
    The roof dormers for the miniature halloween mansard roof glitter house are assembled by folding the tabs to the back and gluing them to the roof, then covering the dormer with the roof section. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    To add dormers to the mansard roof or the tower roof, cut and trim the dormer section, folding it along the tab lines, and along the corners of the triangle. Fold the dormer so the dark triangles meet at the top, with the tabs underneath. Glue the top edge of the taps together where they cross over (see photo). When the glue holding the dormer to shape has dried, apply glue to the base of the tabs and press the dormer gently into place on the roof. Here the dormers are shown being applied to...MORE either side of the area cut out for the tower to fit.

    Once the dormers have dried in place on the roof, cut and trim the dormer roof sections and glue them over the top of the dormer. Leave aside to dry.

    The next page of these instructions will show you how to finish the roof and add a base.

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    Test Fit the Mansard Roof to the Halloween Gothic House or Tower

    Test fitting a mansard roof on a printable miniature Halloween glitter house.
    The main mansard roof of the miniature Halloween glitter house is trimmed out to fit around the tower and the roof is test fitted before being glittered. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    When the house walls and the roof are firmly glued together and the glue has set, you can test fit the roof on the tower or the house walls. If you are going to glue the house to a base (see the bases used for the Christmas glitter houses, you will use the tabs on the bottom edge of the house walls to glue the walls to the base. If you don't want to use a base, or want to hang your miniature Gothic house, cut these tabs away.

    Test fit the roof(s) on the house and tower. Once you are sure the...MORE roof will fit, glitter the roof if you wish, or add on any widow's walk trims, or set the chimney or dormers on the roof. The roof can be glittered once you have test fitted it if you wish.

    If your roof is finished, apply a bead of glue to the upper walls of the house or tower and set the roof gently into place.

    Set the roof aside to dry.

    The next page of these instructions will show you how to add glittered trims to the micro houses.

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    Add Details and Interest with Glittered Roofs and Trims

    German glass glitter and micro glitter on parts of a miniature Halloween glitter house.
    Glass glitter glued to the tower roof and micro glitter glued to the toothed trim for a miniature Halloween glitter house with a mansard roof. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    There are a number of ways to add light and sparkle to the Gothic Halloween Houses. The version in the photo features German glass glitter on the tower roof. This is a chunky, vintage style glitter which adds to the vintage look and draws a lot of light to the area.

    A finer, flatter, micro glitter has been used on a line of paper trim which will be applied to the top of the mansard roof as a widow's walk, and which is applied to the tower as a trim here. The lines of trim can also be used to...MORE break up the narrow height of the tower, or to act as a trim line around the taller houses.

    If you like an ombre look on your glitter pieces, choose a color of glitter which is slightly darker or lighter than the color of the printed or cut trim (if you use the parts as templates and cut them from colored or glittered paper of your choosing). You can brush some of the glued glitter off before the piece is dry, to create an uneven or vintage look to your glitter (see the orange band on the black house in the finished house photo on the first page). You can also use a glue pen to make lines of writing, swirls or dots of glitter to make a different look for your houses.

    Chimneys - The chimney pieces are assembled the same way the walls of the house are glued together. The chimney can have a fine line of glue applied to the base and be set onto the flat section of the mansard roof.

    Stairs - For those who love detail I've included sets of steps you can apply below the doors. The steps are assembled the same way that the larger steps for the 1:24 and 1:48 haunted buildings from cereal boxes are assembled. Click on the link to see the instructions.

    Have fun! (and post photos of your favorites in the miniature forum to share with other readers.