Make a Peyote Bezel for a Rivoli

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    Making a Peyote Bezel for a Rivoli

    Rivoli Peyote Bezel Tutorial
    Rivoli crystal with peyote stitch bezel.

     Edited by Lisa Yang

    Rivolis are faceted crystal rhinestones (called chatons) manufactured by Swarovski. The facets of a rivoli come to a point and are covered with foil on the back side to give them extra sparkle. Rivoli chatons are not drilled, so they need to be set in a bezel. This tutorial will show you to use peyote stitch and Delica beads to create a bezel for a rivoli crystal.

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    Make a Ring of Delica Beads

    Rivoli Peyote Bezel
    Start by making a ring of beads.

    This tutorial will show you how to stitch a bezel for a 12mm rivoli crystal. If your rivoli is larger or smaller, you will have to adjust the number of beads use in the initial ring. You can figure out how many beads you need by stringing an even number of Delica beads tGo make a ring that fits around the back edge of the Rivoli, or you can refer to this article for a chart with how many delica beads it takes for different size rivolis.

    On a comfortable length of thread (no longer than 5’),...MORE string 26 cylinder beads. Leaving a 4” tail, tie them into a ring and stitch through the first bead again.

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    Use Even Count Tubular Peyote to Start the Bezel

    Rivoli Peyote Stitch Bezel Tutorial
    Pick up a bead, skip a bead and then stitch into the next bead in the base ring.

    Begin working in tubular even count peyote.  Pick up one cylinder bead, skip the next bead in the ring, and pass through the next bead. Pull snugly so that the bead you added sits on top of the bead from the base ring.

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    Step Up to Finish the First Round of Tubular Peyote

    Peyote Stitch Rivoli Bezel Tutorial
    Continue with Even Count Tubular Peyote.

    Continue adding beads in this manner until you have worked all the way around the base ring of beads. At the end of the row, make the step up to get into position for the next row. Keep your tension for the initial round tight, and loosen it as you work the following rows.

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    Continue the Bezel in Tubular Peyote Stitch and Add the Rivoli

    Rivoli Peyote Bezel Tutorial
    Continue working tubular peyote until you have 5 rows.

    Work in tubular even count peyote, keeping the work flat, until you have a total of five rows. At the end of the fifth row, center the Rivoli in the beadwork ring and pull snugly so that the edges of the beadwork curl around the edges of the Rivoli.

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    Hold the Rivoli in Place While You Finish Stitching the Bezel

    Rivoli Peyote Bezel Tutorial
    Hold the Rivoli in place until you complete the bezel.

    Before you begin the next two rounds, make sure that the tail of your thread is coming out behind the Rivoli and not from the front of the beadwork.

    As you work rounds 6 and 7, hold the Rivoli in place in the bezel cup with one hand while you stitch with the other. I recommend holding the Rivoli with your non-dominant hand and add the beads for the round with your dominant hand to make things easier. Pull the beads snugly so that the work continues to curl up around the edges of the Rivoli.

    At the...MORE end of seventh round, the beadwork should be snug enough to hold the Rivoli in place, but may still move slightly around the crystal.

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    Add a Round of Size 15 Beads to the Front of the Rivoli Bezel

    Rivoli Peyote Bezel Tutorial
    Add a row of 15/0 seed beads to finish the bezel and secure the Rivoli.

    For the final round on the top of Rivoli, use size 15/0 seed beads in a color to match or contrast with the size 11/0 cylinder beads. Pull snugly after adding the last bead. Knot the thread between beads using one or more half hitch knots. Weave the thread ends into the beadwork and clip close to the beadwork or use a thread burner.

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    Add a Round of Size 15 Beads to the Back of the Rivoli

    Rivoli Peyote Bezel Tutorial
    Add a round of 15/0 seed beads to the back of the peyote bezel.

    Flip the Rivoli over, thread a needle on the tail of the thread, and pass the needle and thread through an outside edge cylinder bead to get into position to add a round of size 15/0 seed beads.

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    Weave In the Ends and Clip the Thread

    Add a round of size 15 seed beads to the backside of the Rivoli. At the end of the round, knot the thread between beads and weave the thread through the beadwork. Clip the thread close to the beadwork. It is okay if the beadwork moves a tiny bit around the Rivoli, but if it is loose enough that the stone can slip out, you should cut the stone free and stitch the bezel again, trying to keep a tighter tension.
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    Use the Rivoli in Your Jewelry Projects

    Rivoli Peyote Bezel Tutorial

    You have now made a beaded bezel for a Swarovski crystal Rivoli. You can now embellish it, add a strap and fringe, or make another for a pair of spectacular earrings.