Miniature Witch or Dollhouse Scale Halloween Witch Costume

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    Easy-to-Make Miniature Witches For Halloween

    Three witches in dolls house scales, made with printable costumes and fabric costumes.
    Lesley Shepherd

    Make the perfect miniature witches for your Halloween party decorations or dolls house using these instructions and a simple printable pattern. The pattern comes in two sizes, tiny for 1:48 scale scenes, or 1:12 scale regular dolls house size, which will fit ready made dolls or inexpensive plastic skeletons.

    The witches shown here are made using simple heads and hands modeled in polymer clay or epoxy resin. You can make white or black witches with the printable patterns on the next page. The...MORE white costumes can be used as a pattern for fabric, or stamped, colored, or punched to create your own unique style. If you prefer a more traditional witch with a peaked hat, print off the black witch costume and make your witches from a face and hands and a single piece of printed paper.

    Before You Begin

    • Make or purchase a head and pair of hands roughly in 1:48 or 1:12 inch size. (a head in 1:12 will be approximately one inch high, a head in 1:48 will be 1/4 inch high). If you use the instructions for making a doll head and hands from polymer clay, decide what features you want your witch to have or work from a drawing. Generally, traditional witches have long hooked noses and jutting chins which distinguish them from regular faces. They usually have long, thin, bony fingers. As an alternative you can dress a complete six inch high skeleton, or a dolls house scale doll.
    • Paint the figures if you want them painted, or use the information on making things glow in the dark.
    • Bend or shape the hands to hold anything you want your figure to hold, a bamboo skewer or a toothpick can become the handle of a broom. Instructions for bending plastic figures will help you get the pose you want from inexpensive plastic skeletons.
    • Decide whether you want white or black witches, made of paper or fabric.
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    Materials Needed

    Paper costume for a 1:12 dolls house scale witch.
    Lesley Shepherd

    Materials Needed for Paper Costumes

    • Printed Paper Pattern for a White Witch or a Black Witch (patterns are pdf files and require adobe acrobat to read) These can be printed on regular paper. If you are using a heavy head you may need card stock to make the witches dress, or print off a cardboard cone using the pattern to drape fabric or paper over.
    • A doll head and hands in 1:12 or 1:48 scale or a doll in this scale (ready to dress) or a 1:12 or 1:48 scale skeleton to dress or use for a head and...MORE hands. In 1:48 scale the head will be roughly 1/4 of an inch high and the hands will be 3/16 of an inch from wrist to fingertip. Make sure the head has a neck or a space to insert a toothpick. You can use these instructions for making heads and hands from epoxy putty or polymer clay. For young children you can use simple air dry clay or a bead made from paper to make the head and hands from the pattern and attach them to a toothpick.
    • Scissors
    • Bent Nose tweezers or haemostats- bent nose tweezers are easier to press up against the glue lines in small spaces than regular tweezers.
    • PVA (white) Glue - When working with regular paper, thinner glue is better than very thick glue. The paper absorbs it easier. A glue stick will work as well.
    • Embroidery Floss or other fibres to use for a broom.
    • Toothpick for 1:48 scale witches broom handle and neck, or a bamboo skewer for a 1:12 scale witch

    Materials Needed for Fabric Costumes

    • Assorted small scale suitable fabrics for your costume.
    • Fabric Glue Pva glue will work as well.
    • Iron on Interfacing to stiffen the brim of the hat, and the dress, if you will not have a doll's body under the dress.
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    Make a 1:48 Scale Witch

    A quarter scale dolls house witch made with a printable paper costume.
    Lesley Shepherd

    To make this tiny witch, you need a 1:48 scale head and hands.If you don't want to sculpt them, you can use a wooden bead for the head and cut paper mittens for hands.

    Make the Body

    • Cut out the dress and the sleeves from the paper sheet.
    • Roll them gently round a pencil to curve them slightly.
    • Fold a 1/8 inch edge along one of the straight sides of the dress, dab this fold edge with white glue, and glue the other straight edge to this edge, forming a cone. (see photo) Set aside to dry.
    • When the...MORE dress is dry, glue your head on a 1 inch length of a toothpick. When the head has dried on the toothpick, run a bead of glue along the back edge of the toothpick, starting 1/4 inch below the head.
    • Gently insert the toothpick into the top of the cone and press the top of the cone together to make shoulders. Hold the shoulders and toothpick neck in place with the tweezers until it holds in the glue. The head should be up to 1/8 of an inch above the cone.

    Make the Arms

    • Fold one of the longest edges of the sleeve down 1/8 of an inch to make a glue tab.
    • Fold the widest section of the sleeve (at right angles to the tab you just folded) to make a hem on the sleeve, the sleeve will be glued to the back of the witch and folded in front, so check the length of the hemmed sleeve, then glue the hem in place.
    • Glue the remaining long edge onto the tab you folded, set aside to dry.
    • Place the narrow end of the sleeve behind the body and fold the sleeve so that it bends to the front of the body. When both sleeves are folded to the right position, glue them in place behind the body.
    • With the sleeves in place, fit the hands on the toothpick broom handle, and set them so they can be glued into the bottom of the sleeves.
    • Glue the wrists or arms in place in the correct position to hold the broom.
    • Glue on hair.
    • Make the hat and broom following the instructions in the next step.
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    Make a Miniature Witch's Hat and Broom

    Steps in making a dolls house scale paper witch hat.
    Lesley Shepherd

    Make a Miniature Witch's Hat

    The same instructions apply to all sizes. Fabric hats may need to be stiffened with interfacing.

    • Cut two circular hat brims from the printable sheet or your chosen fabric
    • Cut out the white centers.
    • Cut out the central cone for the hat.
    • Fold a 1/8 inch tab on one straight side of the cone.
    • Glue the remaining straight edge to the folded tab to form a peaked cone.
    • Leave to dry.
    • Insert the cone up through a hat brim, with the brim right side facing up. Fit the cone tight...MORE inside the brim.
    • Use sharp scissors to cut the base of the cone below the hat brim forming tabs. Do not cut above the hat brim.
    • Use tweezers to fold the tabs up against the underside of the hat brim as shown and glue them in place
    • Leave to dry.
    • Position the lower brim over the tabs and upper brim, lining up the holes in the center of the hat.
    • Glue the lower brim to the upper brim, covering the tabs (use fusable interfacing with fabric)
    • Set aside to dry.
    • Trim the brim edges so that the upper and lower brim match, and run a black marker around the brim to color any white edges

    Make a Witches Broom

    • Cut a round toothpick or a bamboo skewer to the length you want and round off the ends.
    • Make loops of embroidery thread the length you want for your broom fronds by wrapping thread around two fingers.
    • Dip one end of the broom in pva glue and glue a line of one end of the loops around the broom base. Hint, if the witch will lean on the broom, leave the end of the wood just a bit shorter than the broom fronds that will cover it and glue the thread higher up the broom handle.
    • Set aside to dry. (only one end of the loops will be glued to the handle).
    • Use your fingers to coat a darker thread with glue, and wrap it around the handle over the glued loops to bind them in place.
    • Finish the broom by cutting evenly across the loose looped end of the threads and teasing the threads apart.
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    Make a Witch's Dress in 1:12 Scale

    Steps in making a paper witch's dress for a miniature skeleton or dolls house doll.
    Lesley Shepherd

    The 1:12 scale witches dress can be made from fabric or paper. The white witch pattern can be stamped or decorated to create your own costume design. If you want a traditional witch, print out the black witch design, or cut the costume from black paper or fabric.

    Make the hat and broom according to the previous instructions

    Make a Witch Using Only a 1:12 Scale Head & Hands

    • Cut out the main dress piece and the sleeves from fabric or paper.
    • If you are using light paper or fabric and a heavy head,...MORE reinforce the paper with card, or make a cone support for the fabric body from card using the dotted lines on the white witch dress pattern.
    • Roll the paper pieces gently around a pencil or pen to curve them.
    • Fold up the base to form the dress hem.
    • Form the Sleeve Hem. - The sleeves join at the shoulder, measure your chosen sleeve length and turn up the bottom (non tabbed edge) for a hem.
    • Use sharp scissors to cut the tabs free at the rounded shoulder. Turn them down along the fold line. Leave the large central tab free.
    • Glue the straight side edges of the sleeve together along the narrow 1/8 inch tab. Leave to dry.
    • Fit the sleeve into the armhole. Glue the tabs under the front and back armhole edges of the dress, leaving the shoulder tab free (see photo).
    • Glue both arms in place. Leave to dry
    • Glue the front and back shoulders to the large sleeve tab, to form the dress shoulders.
    • Glue or tape the doll's neck into the back of the dress centered on the back seam.
    • Glue the center back of the dress together with the neck and head in place. If the head is heavy, set a cone of cardboard under the dress for support.
    • Position the arms/hands holding a broom and glue the wrists and hands into position in the sleeves. Fold the sleeves to form a natural arm pose.
    • Glue hair on the witch (hemp rope is used here)
    • Glue the hat in place.
    • Trim the dress base so the witch stands.
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    Making a Witch's Costume with Fabric

    A miniature witch made from polymer hands and head with a cardboard cone body.
    Lesley Shepherd

    The pattern from the white witch printable can be used to make a fabric costume for a dolls house doll. Cut the pieces according to the pattern from your choice of fabric. Use soft fabrics if possible for the best drape.

    Make the Hat

    • Apply interfacing to one side of the hat cone, and one of the hat brims.
    • Glue the pieces together the same way the paper hat is made.
    • Run a narrow ribbon or piece of bias tape around the edge of the hat brim to finish it off.

    Make a Fabric Witch's Dress

    • Glue the dress...MORE together following the same steps as using the printable paper dress.
    • Use the dotted line extensions on the white witch printable dress to make a sturdy cone from cardboard or heavy paper. Fit the dress over the cardboard cone, adding quilt batting to form the shoulders on the cone.
    • Glue the dress to the cone at the neck and waist, gathering the fabric if you wish.
    • A simple fabric apron will hold tie the dress to the cone and give it some shape.
    • Glue the dolls head in place in the back of the top of the cone.
    • Glue or stitch the arms into the sleeves.
    • Slip stitch the sleeves to the dress to create the arm folds.
    • Stuff the upper sleeves lightly with quilt batting to create arms if you wish.
    • Glue the dress hem to the base of the cone to cover it.

    To Dress a Finished Doll

    • Check the arm length against the doll and finish the sleeve hems to fit.
    • Glue the sleeve seams and fit the sleeves in place over the doll's arms.
    • Check the dress length and neck fit. Hint you can always add a shawl or scarf to cover the neck.
    • Hem the dress to the correct length.
    • Position the sleeve tabs in place as outlined in the paper instructions.
    • Fit the dress over the sleeve tabs, gluing or sewing the arm edges in place. Turn the armhole edges under and glue or sew in place before you fit the dress if you think they might fray.
    • Finish the dress by gluing or sewing the back seam edges together.
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    Paper Heads and Hands For Miniature Witches

    A dolls house scale witch's head made from a quilled paper bead.
    Lesley Shepherd

    These printable paper witches heads are made from two coils of paper. The face is shaped with tweezers and glued in place. This technique is a simple one for a child to try and makes inexpensive stand up witch decorations.

    Make the Witch's Hands

    • Start by cutting out each set of two hands roughly from the paper.
    • Fold each set of hands at the thumb join and line them up by looking at them against a window or on a surface lit from underneath.
    • When the hands line up closely,trim around the fingers,...MORE trying to get both sides of the hand even.
    • Glue each set of hands together with a round ended toothpick inserted in the palm between the two hand pieces.
    • When the glue is dry, do a final trim of the fingers and wrist if necessary.
    • Bend the hand gently into the shape you need.

    Make the Paper Witches Heads

    • Cut a set of colored paper strips from the printable sheet. The head strips should match the hands and faces.
    • Glue two groups of six strips end to end, making sure the colored sides match.
    • Make a tight coil of paper, colored side out, from each length of six paper strips. Start one of each pair by gluing the end of the paper strip to a two inch length of skewer or toothpick to form a neck.
    • Glue the end of the final strip to the coil so that it stays tight. Leave to dry.
    • When the coil is dry, gently press a marble or other rounded shape into the center to press the coils into a half round bowl shape.
    • Check the fit to make sure the halves will join together.
    • Run some white glue around the inside edges of each bowl to coat the center. Leave the bowls aside to dry.
    • When the bowls are dry, join the them together to make a hollow bead.

    Make the Face

    • Cut out the face and glue the forehead and eyes in place on the bead.
    • Fold the end of the nose under and shape the nose with tweezers. Glue the nose in place on the face.
    • Cut the mouth out roughly and glue it below the nose.