Printable Miniature Graveyard or Cemetery

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    Add a Printable Graveyard to Your Miniature Halloween Village

    Miniature headstones, fence and mausoleums for a Halloween village graveyard.
    Assembled parts for a printable miniature Halloween graveyard. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    No Halloween village would be complete without a graveyard scene. With ten printable headstones, two mausoleums and fences, you can make a custom graveyard to suit your miniature glitter village. You can glitter sections of the porches, roof or trim, or leave the pieces plain. These printables are sized and designed to fit with the other pieces in the Halloween village series which include:

    Mater...MOREials Needed to Build The Parts for a Printable Miniature Graveyard

    For this project you will need the following:

    • Printable Miniature Graveyard Parts Sheet - This is available as a pdf (acrobat reader required) and prints on a letter or A4 sized sheet of paper or light card or photo paper.
    • PVA (white) glue - preferably acid neutral glue. Glue sticks will also work, but are harder to manipulate.
    • Bent Nose Tweezers
    • Sharp Scissors or a craft knife or ceramic blade cutter
    • Paper Scoring Tool or fine ended Embossing Tool.
    • Rounded Toothpick
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    Cut and Fold the Miniature Mausoleum Parts

    Folding the sides and tabs of a miniature printable mausoleum.
    The tabs, walls, and roof are folded, and the roof overhang and porch are folded forward on the miniature mausoleum. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    The miniature mausoleums can be built in a variety of ways. Each has a porch and an overhanging roof that will take miniature columns. To begin assembling the printable mausoleum, start by folding all the tabs away from the printed design. Use a metal ruler or straight edge, or bent nose tweezers. A Bone Folder is helpful to press down the folds.

    The porch roof is folded so it projects out over the porch at the front of the mausoleum. Fold the dark section of the porch roof down, then fold the...MORE triangular section up to make the overhanging roof. (see photo).

    To fold the porch, use scissors or a knife to trim up the edges of the porch between the side walls and the porch, then fold up the porch front, and fold down the porch edge as shown.

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    Glue the Mausoleum Porch and Roof Overhang

    Folding the porch and overhanging roof for a printable miniature mausoleum.
    The mausoleum roof and porch are folded forward of the main walls. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    With all folds scored and bent, apply a small amount of glue to the tab for the peak of the roof and glue the front edge of the roof to the peak of the porch overhang. (see photo).

    Glue the porch edge strip over the tabs on the sides of the porch. Glue any excess length of porch edging under the side walls of the mausoleum.

    Set aside to dry.

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    Glue the Roof of the Miniature Mausoleum

    Gluing the porch and roof of a printable miniature mausoleum for a miniature Halloween village.
    The front edge of the roof over the porch are glued together and glued to the tab at the top of the wall. The edges of the porch are glued to the porch tabs and under the side wall. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    Run a small amount of glue in between the roof and the porch overhangs on both sides of the front of the mausoleum, as well as to the tabs at the top of the side walls. Use your tweezers to press the roof to the porch overhang at the front so the edges are glued together (see photo). Press the edge of the roof to the glued tab at the top of the side walls and press these parts firmly together with your tweezers. Leave to dry.

    Fold the back and roof support around underneath the roof and glue them...MORE to the roof and remaining side wall to finish the assembly of the miniature mausoleum. Leave to dry.

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    Assemble the Miniature Columns

    Columns for a printable miniature mausoleum are shaped around a toothpick
    Paper columns for a miniature Halloween village mausoleum are shaped around a toothpick. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    The miniature columns for the mausoleum (or for plinths for scale figures) are assembled by rolling the column printable around a wooden toothpick and gluing the outside edge. When you have assembled the columns, set them aside to dry.

    If you wish, you can shorten sections of the columns and leave them lying as fallen ornaments in your miniature graveyard.

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    Glue Columns To the Porch of a Miniature Mausoleum

    Miniature columns glued to a printable mausoleum for a Halloween glitter village
    The rolled columns are glued to the porch and overhanging roof of the printable miniature mausoleum for the Halloween village. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    Once the columns are dry, dip the ends lightly into your pva glue and fit the columns between the porch and the roof overhang of the miniature mausoleum. Make sure the glued edge of the column faces the wall of the mausoleum. Press gently on the underside of the porch and the roof overhang to sandwich the columns neatly onto the mausoleum. When the glue has 'grabbed' leave the mausoleum aside to dry.

    Note - you can make the mausoleums with or without columns or with more than two columns...MORE to make a range of slightly different buildings for your graveyard.

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    Fold and Glue the Printable Miniature Tombstones

    Printable miniature tombstones for a Halloween cemetery.
    Side edges of the printable miniature tombstones are glued to the tabs to assemble them. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    The tombstones (headstones) are all assembled in the same manner, except for the cross which is shown separately in these instructions. To assemble the tombstones, cut the piece free from the backing paper and fold all tabs towards the back. Apply glue to the edging strip and using your tweezers, bend the edging strip along the edge of the headstone over the folded tabs, pressing the tabs to the edging strip. If necessary, use your tweezers to create neat folds where the edge bends. Trim any...MORE excess edging strip from the bottom of the tombstone and set it aside to dry.

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    Make the Graveyard Fence

    Printable wrought iron fence for a miniature graveyard.
    Two layers of printable fence are glued back to back and shaped for the miniature Halloween village graveyard. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    The graveyard fence sections are glued back to back and trimmed to make fences for individual graves or to surround sections of the graveyard. Once you have glued and folded your fence sections to the correct shape and size, use a black felt tip marker or pencil crayon to blacken any visible white edges.

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    Start Assembling the Graveyard Cross

    Gluing the side edges of a miniature cross headstone for a Halloween graveyard scene.
    The long side panels are glued and folded to fit one side of the miniature cross headstone. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    The graveyard cross is the most difficult bit of the this project. To start the assembly, fold all tabs away from the printed edges of the cross. Each long side band is glued over the tabs on one side of the cross until one face of the cross has all sides attached. To assemble the cross it is easiest to apply glue to the tabs, and use your tweezers to carefully fold the edge strip so it fits tightly against the face of the cross, pressing the side strip tightly into the tabs where the strip...MORE crosses them.(see photo). When the side strips are glued to one face of the cross, set the cross aside to dry before finishing the assembly. It is best to glue the sides to the back face of your cross, and glue the front face at the last.

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    Finish the Miniature Graveyard Cross

    Finishing the assembly of a miniature printable cross headstone for a Halloween village.
    The tabs on the remaining side of the cross are turned and glued, then fitted into the edged section of the printable miniature cross headstone. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    To finish the assembly of the graveyard cross, fold all the tabs on the final face away from the printed edge. Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the side edge you glued in place in the previous step. Use your tweezers to set the tabs of the final face inside the glued side band. Leave the cross assembly to dry. Trim any excess from the side bands.

    Have fun setting up your miniature graveyard. You can add to your graveyard scene with spooky trees made from wire and acrylic paint. The sn...MOREowflake trees are also effective made in a small size from black or purple paper.

    To "age" your mausoleums or headstones, you can use bright green, light brown or orange pastel, applied in small dabs to the edges of your headstones to look like lichens. You can also use bits of green kitchen scrubbies, or railroad 'landscaping' foam to add plant like texture around the base of your headstones.

    If you want to create the effect of a "ground fog" or mist in your graveyard, use wisps of quilt batting over the ground around your headstones.

    Have Fun!