Make Stunning Miniature Plants and Flowers from Paper

Use These Instructions to Make a Range of Plants and Flowers in Several Scales.

Most of these realistic plants are made from paper and paint, including recycled envelopes and kraft paper. The plants are shown as dollhouse miniatures, but you can easily scale them larger or smaller for other model scales or decorations for your living space. Plants can help set a time reference, and add to the background sense of style and color theme for a display. The instructions for these plants use simple techniques and mainly feature petals punched with common craft punches.
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    Tiny reproductions of rare tulips; viridiflora and Silver Standard in dolls house scale.
    Detailed observation will allow you to create specific tulips for miniature displays. Here Silver Standard and Viridiflora, both from the 1700's have been created in 1:12 scale. Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Make designer or cottage tulips using simple paper punches and these instructions. These are more detailed than the roses, but you can get good results and create a range of tulip colors and shapes.[/p]

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    Six inch high miniature Christmas tree with realistic branches.
    Completed miniature Christmas tree in 1:12 scale with lots of space for decorations. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Make realistic miniature spruce trees from lycopodium moss (prince's pine or erica moss)

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    A dolls house scale planted moss hanging basket hung from a chain on a lampstand.
    A dolls house scale planted moss hanging basket hung from a chain on a lampstand. Plants courtesy Lesley's Garden. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Miniature Moss Hanging Baskets let you add color to dolls house and miniature scenes at a higher level. Easily made from floral foam and moss, they can be hung from sign brackets, lamp posts, or the front edge of a front porch or arbor. Don't think they are only useful for summer flowers. Filled with evergreen branches, cones, and ribbons, they can decorate a Christmas village as well.

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    Make Miniature Fir and Pine Cones

    Three dolls house scale pine cones on a branch made from lycopodium moss.
    Dolls house scale tree cones made from paper and wire on a scale miniature tree branch made from lycopodium moss (princes pine). Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Bump up the realism on a model railroad or miniature garden scene by adding pine or fir cones to your evergreen trees. Make from circles of paper, these cones take your modeling up a notch.

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    Quarter scale garden arbor set in a miniature garden scene in a tea cup.
    Printable quarter scale garden arbor set in a landscaped tea cup scene. Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

    Make detailed quarter scale (1:48) plants for a dollhouse, model and railway scenes. Instructions are included for making the following plants from paper and wire.

    • Colorful bushes and flowering plants from 'scatter' made with acrylic paint.
    • Sunflowers in quarter scale made using common paper punches.
    • Delphiniums in quarter scale made from common paper punches.
    • Quarter scale hostas.
    • Hollyhocks in quarter scale made from paper punches.
    • There are separate instructions linked here for making...MORE Belladonna lilies (naked ladies) which are easily made in 1:48 scale.
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    1:24 dollhouse scale miniature stem of morning glories made from paper and thread
    Morning glory stem made from paper and thread in 1:24 dolls house scale. Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

    Trailing morning glory vines can be made easily in a range of scales. The ones shown here are in 1:24 scale. Make them suit your dolls house window basket or moss hanging basket, or use them to trail from floral arrangements.

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    Dolls house plants fill the interior of a painted 1:12 scale window box with heart cutouts.
    Dolls house scale plants fill the interior of this window box with heart cutouts. The box could also be used to hold a set of small planted pots. Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    This window box or crate can be used to hold plant pots or planted up as a complete box. The instructions are for the box, not the plants.

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    Scale miniature palm tree set behind a porcelain building in a Christmas Nativity set.
    Scale miniature palm tree made from fabric plant leaves and paper used for a miniature Christmas nativity scene. Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    These Model Palm Trees are easily made with silk flower leaves, or paper and wire. The trunks are made with torn brown paper wrapped over the wire. The palm trees can be made on any number of scales, for model game terrains on up to a shade tree for a Barbie Doll House.

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    Shaping the branches of a model tree so they spread out in three dimensions.
    The upper branching layers of a tree have a distinctive canopy shape which varies from species to species. The upper branches must be shaped as if they were growing towards the light. Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

    Wire and acrylic mediums and paint can be used to make basic tree forms on almost any scale. Use smaller sized trunks with bits of foam for railroad trees, or punch out leaves to make shrubs and trees in dollhouse scales. The branched trees can be shaped to resemble many identifiable tree shapes. Take a good look at a photo of the tree you want to copy, and bend the wire branches into the correct shape for your tree.

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    A roll of brown kraft paper makes a stem on the top of a dolls house scale paper mache pumpkin.
    A roll of brown or kraft paper is added to the top of a miniature paper mache pumpkin to form a stem. Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    These pumpkins can be made in many sizes, to house a dolls house scene, as the base for a Cinderella coach, or as table, railroad or dolls house decorations. Paper mache is easy to use and scale for all kinds of sizes of pumpkins

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    Dried corn stalks and miniature pumpkins ready for a dolls house display.
    Dried corn stalks and pumpkins in dolls house scale for a fall display. Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Useful for setting the season, corn stalks can be made in several scales, in green for summer, or beige for late fall, Thanksgiving or Halloween.