Make Miniature Decorations for a 1:144 Scale Christmas Village

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    Make 1:144 Scale Christmas Decorations

    One eighth inch Christmas Wreaths, garlands and a tiny tree decorate an N Scale Village Shop.
    A tiny tree, wreaths, and garlands decorate buildings for a 1:144 Christmas village or N scale railroad scene. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Miniature decorations can be made for smaller scale buildings and Christmas village scenes. The following pages demonstrate how to make a miniature Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath and Christmas Garlands for a micro scale dollhouse Christmas village, or an N scale railroad.

    These decorations are not difficult to make even though they are very tiny. The secret is to use techniques that simplify the steps. Make sure you allow the glue to dry thoroughly between steps.

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    Materials For a Realistic 1:144, N or Micro Scale Christmas Tree

    lycopodium moss and a bead to make a 1:144 scale Xmas Tree.
    Lycopodium moss and a half bead are used to create a 1:144 scale miniature Christmas tree. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    To make a miniature Christmas tree in 1:144 scale, also known as N scale or micro scale you will need:

    • Scraps of Lycopodium moss(erica moss, prince's pine, princess pine).
    • A 1/2 bead with a hole in the centre of the curve to hold the tree, or a tiny plant pot or solid metal bead heavy enough to balance your tree.
    • Fine Tweezers
    • PVA (White)Glue.
    • Tiny micro beads and glitter shapes for decorations.
    • Magnifying eyeware
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    Form the Main Stem of a 1:144 Scale Christmas Tree

    Three quarter inch length of lycopodium forms the start to a miniature dolls house Christmas tree.
    Place the main stem for a 1:144 scale dollshouse Christmas tree. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.
    • Begin by determining how tall you want your 1:144 or "N" scale Christmas tree. The tree in this example is 3/4 of an inch, or equivalent in scale to a 9 foot high tree. (one inch=12 feet in 1:144 scale.
    • Choose a straight, fine piece of lycopodium the right length which has a fine tip, and cut it to the right height.
    • Trim the lower leaves off the lycopodium stem and glue it into the scale flower pot or centre of a heavy bead, or half bead.
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    Add Branches and Decorations to a Tiny "N" Scale Christmas Tree

    Setting tiny branches into a piece of lycopodium to make an N scale railroad Christmas tree.
    Tiny Christmas tree made from lycopodium moss. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.
    • Break off tiny sections of lycopodium approximately 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch long and remove the bottom leaves with tweezers.
    • Dip one of the longer branches in glue, and beginning at the base, begin to glue the branches into the tree base, setting each branch so it faces slightly up.
    • Rotate the tree as you go, setting in more branches to create an even tree shape.
    • Continue to insert branches until the tree is complete. Set it aside to dry.
    • When your tree is completely dry, glue tiny beads to the...MORE branches as ornaments and add a glitter star to the top of the tree. Fine gold thread or Sulky Sliver thread can be used to make tiny garlands on the tree.
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    Materials for a 1:144 or "N" Scale Wreath

    Green thread, micro beads, and strands of lycopodium to make a 1:144 scale Christmas Wreath
    Materials needed to make a 1:144 scale wreath. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    To make a 1:144 scale wreath or a wreath for an "N" scale train layout, you will need:

    • Tiny bits of lycopodium moss - you will only need the leaves. If you can't find some of this moss, use tiny bits of any fine moss, tiny snips of paper, or bits of green thread.
    • Green Thread to make the wreath base.
    • Micro beads in bright colors or bits of a tiny bead garland, or tiny beads made from fimo.
    • Pva (white) Glue
    • Fine tweezers
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    1:144 Scale Christmas Wreath Base

    Thread is wrapped around tweezers to make a 1:144 scale Christmas wreath base.
    Wrap and glue thread around the ends of a pair of tweezers to form a 1:144 scale wreath base. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.
    • To begin, wrap some green sewing thread firmly around the tips of a pair of tweezers. You can color thread with acrylic paint, by pulling the thread through a small bit of paint on your fingers.
    • Use a pin to touch a bit of white glue to the thread to hold it together and trim off the ends.
    • Use a bit of masking tape or other heavy tape to hold the tweezer tips together while the glue dries.
    • When the glue has dried, gently move the thread wreath so that it is close to the tops of the tweezers but...MORE don't remove it.
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    Green a 1:144 or "N" Scale Christmas Wreath

    Dipping a tiny circle of thread into club moss leaves to form a 1:144 scale Christmas wreath
    Dip a thread circle in leaves from lycopodium moss to green a 1:144 scale Christmas wreath. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.
    • Trim some leaves off bits of lycopodium moss. Use the smallest leaves possible.
    • If you don't have lycopodium moss cut a very thin strand of green paper or ribbon, then cut it at an angle to form tiny leaf shapes. You can also cut tiny sections from green thread.
    • Use a pin to apply a layer of glue to the top of the wreath frame you formed in the previous step.
    • Dip the wreath frame, glue side up into the bits of leaves, or add them to the top of the frame with a pair of fine tweezers.
    • Press them...MORE gently down into the frame and leave the frame to dry on the tweezers.
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    Decorate aMiniature 1:144 Scale Christmas Wreath With Beads

    Dipping a one eighth inch wide wreath into micro beads for a dolls house Christmas scene.
    Adding Beads to a 1:144 scale Christmas wreath. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.
    • Add brightly colored micro beads to decorate your wreath and make it stand out from the background. If you are patient, you could also wrap fine gold thread through and around your wreath as a garland if you wish.
    • To add the micro beads, use a pin to apply glue to five tiny spots on the top of your wreath.
    • Set a few micro beads in the lid of the bead container or into the bowl of a spoon or other rounded container.
    • Dip the wreath into the beads glue side down.
    • Gently remove the wreath still on the...MORE tweezers, and press the beads into place among the leaves.
    • Set the wreath aside to dry.
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    Finished Example of a 1:144 Scale Miniature Christmas Wreath

    One eighth inch wide wreath for a 1:144 scale dolls house or N scale railway scene.
    A tiny 1/8 inch wreath for a 1:144 scale dolls house or N scale railroad. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Once the miniature wreath has dried in place on the tweezers, you can gently tease it off the ends of the tweezers using another set of fine tweezers or a pin. Press it gently to flatten it slightly and glue it in place on your 1:144 scale building.

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    Make Tiny Strands of Garland for 1:144 Scale Miniature Christmas Scenes

    Flat metallic thread is twisted to form a Christmas garland for a N scale scene.
    Sulky Sliver thread is twisted to form a garland for a tiny Christmas village in 1:144 scale. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Strands of miniature garland can be easily made for an N scale railroad or 1:144 scale dollhouse scene using Sulky sliver thread, a flat mylar based thread available from needlework or quilter's supply houses.

    To make the garland, use tape to hold two contrasting colors of Sulky sliver thread (or other metallic threads) together at one end. Twist the threads together to form a garland. Tape the ends together when you are finished twisting.

    To secure the threads, glue the ends with Pva glue and...MORE set them aside to dry, using tape to keep the garland stretched out.

    If the threads still want to unwind after they have been stretched for an hour or two, run a very fine bead of glue on the end of a pin, down the length of the garland and leave it to dry.

    Place the garland on buildings or in trees to decorate your 1:144 or N scale Christmas scene.

    If you use the metallic Sulky Sliver threads, your garland will mimic the effect of a strand of Christmas lights when you view it without magnification.