10 Great Microwave Bowl Cozy Sewing Patterns

Keep Your Hands Safe From Hot Bowls

Have you ever gone to grab a bowl from the microwave only to discover that it's too hot to handle? These homemade bowl-shaped pot holders are the perfect thing to stack next to the microwave to prevent burns and spills. They're also great for watching television with a nice warm bowl of soup or chili. Best of all, bowl cozies are an easy and quick sewing project that anyone can handle.

It's very important that you do not use anything except 100 percent cotton: cotton fabric, cotton batting, and cotton thread. Polyester and other synthetics are apt to melt and can even start a fire if used in the microwave.

To use these handy potholders, just set your bowl inside, microwave it until the contents are warm, then remove the bowl. Even if the bowl gets hot, your hands will stay cool.

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    Microwave Bowl Potholders

    Microwaveable Bowl Holders
    Mollie Johanson

    These step-by-step instructions make it easy to create a microwave bowl holder. You'll discover you really need only to cut squares of fabric and batting, sew darts, and quilt the pieces together.

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    In-Depth Microwave Bowl Cozy Tutorial

    Microwave bowl holders are a great project if you're new to sewing. Even though they are simple to make, you might need detailed step-by-step instructions to create the perfect cozy.

    This free and very detailed tutorial is accompanied by many photos to make the directions crystal clear and easy to follow. It's also very simple because you'll use just two pieces of fabric and batting. No special cuts are required.

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    Simple Microwave Bowl Cozy Tutorial

    Another great tutorial for beginners, this one is also a nice introduction to the basics of quilting. You'll practice working with batting and sewing straight lines while creating a fluffy, nicely insolated bowl cozy. 

    The instructions are detailed and explained perfectly so anyone can follow along. The big photos also make it easy to understand some of the tricks and tools quilters use.

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    Reversible Microwave Bowl Potholder

    A reversible bowl holder makes a great gift for any occasion. This free tutorial includes detailed instructions and photos to help you sew one.

    This is also an excellent way to use up smaller pieces of scrap material that won't work for larger sewing projects. As an extra bonus, you can have fun playing with the quilting stitches, making as many wavy lines as you like.

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    Quilted Microwave Bowl Potholder

    Whether you're a quilter or not, you'll find this tutorial easy to follow and you'll love the result. Essentially, you'll create a padded bowl holder that has all the charm of a hand-made mini quilt.

    This is the perfect project that uses up fabric scraps, even your smallest pieces. Spend a weekend sewing up a few of these and your stash will quickly disappear.

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    Microwave Bowl Holders in Multiple Sizes

    Not all bowls are the same size. This free tutorial offers instructions for making three different sized potholders at 8, 10, and 12 inches wide.

    You will appreciate the very clear directions in this tutorial. The photos are helpful as well, giving you a very close look at the finer points of stitching this simple project.

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    Customized Microwave Bowl Potholders

    Do you have a bowl that's extra large or super small? This project shows you just how easy it is to create a bowl cozy that's just the right size.

    With bright photos and clearly written instructions, this is a really great tutorial that is simple enough so even beginners will have success.

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    Microwave Bowl Potholder Pattern

    If you find that you need a pattern for a microwave cozy, this downloadable pattern takes all the guesswork out of the basic design.

    It's extremely easy to follow and the price is also reasonable, or you can trade in some of the points you have accumulated on their site.

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    Rounded Micro-Safe Hot Holders

    Craftsy is another great site for finding and buying sewing patterns you can download. This particular project creates a bowl holder that has a different shape than most others.

    The semi-rounded design of the project means you don't have pointy ends sticking out from your bowl. Yet, it still leaves you with enough room to easily grasp the holder. Also, this one includes a nice trim edging that puts a pretty finishing touch on the project.

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    One-Hour Petal Bowl Holder

    For a microwave-safe bowl holder with a very cute shape, take a look at this pattern from Craftsy. It's another one you can purchase and it comes at a very reasonable price. Plus, there's a three-piece set option if you want to sew up matching mitts and a hot meal holder.

    With the pattern, the petal shape is easy to create, even if you have very little sewing experience. The rounded tips are a nice touch and it's perfect for bright floral and fruit fabric patterns.