10 Halloween Miniatures and Projects for Decorations and Party Favors

Miniature Halloween decorations are easily made from low cost materials. Their size means you can create a large display in a small space, and easily store it away for next year. Here's an assortment of projects and ideas to try.

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    Three witches in dolls house scales, made with printable costumes and fabric costumes.
    Lesley Shepherd

    There are lots of ways to make decorations from Halloween characters. Skeletons and dolls can be dressed in costumes and used to hold place cards, or identifying signs for buffets.

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    Dolls house scale skeleton in a miniature coffin box made of paper
    Lesley Shepherd

    These miniature coffin boxes are easily made using your printer, a pair of scissors and some glue. They are large enough to fit a miniature skeleton in dolls house scale, and can also be filled with candy for table favors.

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    Three gothic style mansard roof miniature halloween glitter houses made using free printables.
    Lesley Shepherd

    The list of Halloween glitter houses continues to grow. You can make any of the following, leaving them simply colored, or adding micro glitter or glass glitter.

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    1:24 scale haunted house made from a recycled cereal box, a paper bag and free printables.
    Lesley Shepherd

    If you need a display background, or a quick house for a haunted scene, these free printable roofs, porches, windows and doors in two sizes are an easy way to turn boxes into haunted houses. They are easy projects for a child or a class. The smaller sizes will make backdrops or houses that fit with standard commercial villages. The additional printables (not shown) give you a lot of scope to make more detailed and complex houses quickly from a minimum of materials. You can make the houses as...MORE facades or background silhouettes only, or cut open the windows and make houses with interiors.

    If you prefer a miniature "glitter" house style, you can use these tiny printable buildings to make a range of haunted houses in roughly 1:144 scale, suitable for use with N scale trains. The parts can be used as templates for gingerbread houses if you wish.

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    Black cat with papier mache pumpkin, both in dollhouse scale.
    Lesley Shepherd

    This poseable miniature cat is easy to make using simple needlefelt techniques. You can make a basic short haired cat as shown, or adapt the instructions to make cats with longer coats. The size of the cat can be adjusted to make a range of different scale models. As shown here, the cat is in 1:12 scale.

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    Range of miniature eyeballs made from polymer clay for miniature dolls, animals and figures
    Lesley Shepherd

    You can use the technique shown here for miniature dolls (witches, warlocks, monsters) or animals, like the halloween cat, or make eyeballs large enough to put in full size displays or on costumes. The eyes can be made to look bloodshot by mixing thread fibers into the white eyeball layer of the eye. Adding extra glaze or tar gel medium to the eyeball will give them a wet look.

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    Woven basket of assorted miniature mushrooms in dollhouse scale.
    Lesley Shepherd

    You can make mushrooms of all varieties, including "poisonous" ones using Delight air dry clay and paint or pastels or using polymer clay. Although this technique shows how to make the mushrooms very small, you can adapt the instructions to make larger mushrooms for beads, costumes, or decorations using the same techniques.

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    Dolls house scale skelton dressed as a witch, holding a carved paper mache pumpkin.
    Lesley Shepherd

    These pumpkins are made from tissue paper and can be made in a huge range of sizes and scales. They are a great project to work on with children. You can use them hollow as Jack O Lanterns, or leave them solid for a pumpkin display. They take very little in the way of materials and can be made any shape you want.

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    Dried corn stalks and miniature pumpkins ready for a dolls house display.
    Lesley Shepherd

    Make realistic miniature corn stalks from paper or raffia to add to a halloween miniature scene.

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    Photo of miniature porch scene lit with a skeleton lit by miniature black lights.
    Lesley Shepherd

    There are lots of ways to pull your attention with light in a Halloween Scene