How to Make Glass and Copper Drink Coasters

glass and copper coaster set
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    Customize Your Own Glass Coasters

    diy glass coasters
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    Having a nice set of coasters on your coffee table or end table not only adds a decorative touch, but it also protects your wood furniture from unsightly water rings. The great thing about making your own coasters is that you can customize them to coordinate with a particular color scheme, and even give them a personal touch by adding a monogram or black and white photos. If you like to decorate with nature, pressed flowers or fall leaves would be beautiful, too. And because these are made with glass, you can easily wipe them clean with glass cleaner.

    These glass coaster sets are so simple and inexpensive to make, you will want to make some for yourself, and save a set or two to give as Christmas gifts, hostess gifts, or even wedding gifts. 

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    Gather Your Materials

    Materials for diy glass coasters
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    To make your glass coasters, you will need these easy-to-find and inexpensive supplies:

    • Glass squares (buy single-pane glass from a hardware store and have an employee cut it into eight 4-inch squares)
    • Decorative paper
    • Dried and pressed flowers or leaves or photographs (optional)
    • Photo corners (optional)
    • Copper foil tape in 3/8" width (you can find this online; it is often used for stained glass crafts)
    • Scissors
    • Pencil
    • Adhesive felt pads (available at craft stores or hardware stores in the furniture hardware aisle)
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    Trace the Glass

    Tracing the Glass
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    After you've gathered your supplies, find a flat surface on which to work, then get started.

    First, group your squares of glass into four sets of two, pairing together the ones with edges that match most closely. Depending on how carefully the glass was cut, there may be slight discrepancies.

    Next, use a pencil to lightly trace one of the squares from each set onto the back of a decorative piece of paper.  Cut the four squares of paper out and sandwich each between two squares of glass.  You may choose to add a photo or a pressed leaf or flower at this time. If so, adhere the embellishment to the paper square with a couple of tiny dots of glue, to tack it into place while you work on finishing the coaster. You could also use photo corners for an extra touch.  

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    Adhere Copper Foil to the First Side

    Applying Copper Tape
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    Cut a strip of copper foil tape about five inches long.  Remove the paper backing from the tape. Align the squares of glass so the edges are closely matched and adhere the copper foil to one side, centering it on the edge.  Fold the tape over onto both the top and bottom squares of glass. Use your thumbnail to get a tight seal on all of the edges.

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    Finish the Corners

    Finishing the Corners
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    For the first piece of foil, cut it flush with the corners of the glass (see photo on the left).

    Repeat step three for one of the adjacent sides. This time, miter the corner where the copper foil overlaps. Do this by folding the foil over as straight as possible (see photo on the right). Then, as if you are wrapping a gift, fold in the two sides. Cut the other end of the copper tape flush with the glass.

    Repeat this process for the remaining two sides, mitering both corners for the last piece of foil tape.

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    Adhere Felt Pads

    Adhesive Felt Pads
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    Finally, adhere the protective felt pads to each of the four corners of the bottom of each of your coasters. These will protect your furniture from scratches.  

    If you are giving the set of finished coasters as a gift, tie the set together with a pretty ribbon and attach a gift tag.