How to Make Easy Flower Balloons

The flower balloon animal is a cute, crowd-pleasing balloon animal/sculpture and there are further variations on these that are linked within the instructions. You can make these to hand out to people at events or use them for decoration. They are colorful and not difficult to make.

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    Why Make Flower Balloons?

    Pvt. Mitch Flowers, a Marine with Camp Guard, School of Infantry-East, creates a balloon flower for a little girl at the SOI-East Jane Wayne Day

    Sgt. Thomas J. Griffith / USMC Camp Geiger, N.C.

    Flower balloons are sure to be a big hit at any event that you attend or work. Not only will people love carrying them around, but you'll also find that just about everyone will ask for them, whether it's a lady or girl asking for one for themselves, a young boy asking for one for his Mom or a man for his significant other.

    You can use balloons in just about any color that you wish and the sculptures add vibrant colors to any event. Flower balloons are downright festive.

    Keep in mind that flower balloons can take time to make. After all, each sculpture will take two balloons, one for the flower itself and the second for the stem and leaves. And some take longer than others.

    When you're just starting out, you'll probably make the petals of the basic flower individually, but if you're serious about making lots of flower balloons, you'll want to learn the advanced technique taught below. The technique will take some definite practice, but it will pay off.

    The basic flower balloon also has other applications. If you make a dancer or a lady out of balloons, the "flower" can act as a skirt or dress.

    Make a bunch of flower balloons and use another single balloon to bundle them up, and you'll have a bouquet of flowers. In general, you probably won't want to add "leaves" to the stems. Keep the stems straight and it will be easier to wrap them with another inflated balloon to hold them together. You can also wrap the stems and then make a bow to finish the look.

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    The Basic Flower Balloon

    Basic balloon flower

    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's the very basic flower balloon. It's the easiest of the flower balloons to make. Beginners should start with this one.

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    The Slightly Less Basic Flower Balloon

    Slightly less basic balloon flower

    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's another basic flower balloon that is fairly easy to make and is practically the standard. You'll find that this one adds color and a festive mood to just about any event. It makes a great decoration. Also, one can make and give one away to that someone special. And bundle a bunch together and you'll have a bouquet. If you already know how to make a flower, you might be ready to learn more advanced techniques.

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    Flower Balloon Hat

    The Flower Balloon Hat

    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's a fun flower balloon that's also a hat that you can wear on your head. And it's not that hard to learn and make.

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    Flower Balloon Petals

    Flower balloon figure

    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto

    Once you know how to make the basic balloon flowers, you can learn a fast and efficient method for making a six-petaled flower. This flower is something that professional balloon twisters use and make. The result is an attractive but compact grouping of flower petals, and the experienced balloon twister can make these in seemingly no time. This will take considerable practice and experimentation to get right.