10 Sewing Patterns for Doll Clothes

Doll Jacket Sewing Pattern
Imagine Gnats

Make doll clothes for American Girl, Bitty Baby, Wellie Wishers, and more with these free sewing patterns. From dresses to diapers, jackets to jammies, these tiny fashions keep dollies looking cute!

Buying clothes for dolls can get expensive, but if you have a little sewing experience, it's not too difficult to make them. Plus, when you find a few patterns you like, you can customize the designs with different fabric and a few extra details. Then the same patterns take on a new look!

No matter what size doll you want to craft for, this list of free patterns has something for you. Plus, many of the links lead to sites with even more patterns for free or at a reasonable cost. Before long, you can make a whole new wardrobe for your dolls!