10 Sewing Patterns for Doll Clothes

Black-and-white doll jacket with a doll.

Imagine Gnats

Make baby doll clothes for American Girl, Bitty Baby, WellieWishers, and more with these free sewing patterns. From dresses to diapers, jackets to jammies, these tiny fashions keep dollies looking cute!

Buying clothes for dolls can get expensive, but if you have a little sewing experience, it's not too difficult to make them. Plus, when you find a few patterns you like, you can customize the designs with different fabrics and a few extra details. Then the same patterns take on a new look.

No matter what size doll you want to craft for, this list of free patterns has something for you. Plus, many of the links lead to sites with even more patterns for free or at a reasonable cost. Before long, you can make a whole new wardrobe for your dolls!

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    Easy-Sew Doll Clothes

    Easy-sew doll shirt, shorts, and skirt for three dolls.

    Wendi Gratz

    Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World shows you how to make these cute separates. They perfectly fit her Dress-Up Bunch dolls, which she sells the patterns for, but you could fit them to other dolls too. These are easy to make. Plus, she shares a tip for giving denim doll shorts details from the real deal.

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    Knit Doll Dress in Three Styles

    Basic knit dress pattern for 18-inch dolls on three dolls

    The Craft Patch

    When you find a pattern that works in more than one way, it makes sewing doll clothes even easier. With this basic dress from Craft Patch, you can learn how to make it once, then create several styles, including a doll nightgown. You could even use this to sew up some tops with varying sleeve lengths.

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    Two-Piece Baby Doll Jammies

    Baby doll wearing yellow star pajamas

    Read Creations

    These little jammies for a baby doll look so snuggly! And the trim around the hems looks great. The two pieces of these jammies are in two separate posts, so don't miss either the top or the bottom. As with almost all the designs in this list, look for other ways to adapt the pattern. Because these styles don't have to just be jammies.

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    Basic Tee for 18-Inch Dolls

    Two dolls wearing a blue and green basic T-shirt.

    Liberty Jane Clothing

    Pixie Faire offers an extensive catalog of amazing clothing and accessory patterns for both 14- and 18-inch dolls. Most have a small price tag, but a few are free like their Trendy T-shirt. Plus, if you don't feel ready to make every piece of clothing for your doll, its sister site Liberty Jane Clothing offers many of the same styles as finished items for you to order.

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    Cloth Diapers for Baby Dolls

    Four pieces of doll underwear.

    Little Abbee

    Changing a baby doll's diaper is a great skill for kids to practice, but the disposable kind can be expensive and wasteful. Instead, sew up a few of these cloth diapers with hook and loop closures. Not only are they reusable for lots of pretend play changes, but they're cute.

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    Circle Skirt for 14-Inch Dolls

    Eight dolls highlighting circle skirts.

    Oliver + S

    Oliver + S makes adorable clothing patterns for kids, and it even has cute patterns for doll clothes. This skirt can be adapted for 13- to 14-inch dolls, and it has a few more designs for other size dolls.

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    Leggings and Jeans for 18-Inch Dolls

    Two dolls showing jeans.

    Artsy Fartsy Mama

    Leggings for real people are easy to pull on and wear, and the same is true for dolls. You can make these to go with all kinds of outfits, and if you work with stretchy denim-like fabric, they look like jeans or jeggings.

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    Simple Jacket for 18-Inch Dolls

    Black-and-white jacket shown on doll.

    Imagine Gnats

    This sewn cardigan or jacket pattern is a great way to dress up your favorite 18-inch doll. The example keeps it pretty simple, but you could add a few itty bitty buttons or some other details to create a miniature garment that is reminiscent of the clothes made by large brands, but infinitely better because you make it yourself.

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    Custom Swimsuit for Any Doll

    Three swimsuit styles shown on a doll.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Rather than giving you a pattern to make a swimsuit for a specific-sized doll, this tutorial teaches you how to make swimwear for any doll. And not only can you customize the size and fit, but you also learn how to change up the style with fun details.

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    Baby Doll Dress and Bloomers

    Doll wearing a sundress and standing near blue stairs

    Our Nesting Place

    Sweet baby dolls look even sweeter when they're dressed in a sundress with tiny bloomers. It's sized to fit a 12-inch doll, but you can easily adjust the pattern size to fit other dolls too. Want to add a few more details? Try sewing some rickrack along the bottom edge for a design element that's cute and child-safe.