Learn How to Make Dinosaur Balloon Animals

Many children are attracted to animals and nature at a young age—especially dinosaurs. When most kids find out what a Tyrannosaurus rex is, usually around six or seven-years-old, they start diving into the scientific details behind the big, frightening, and extinct reptiles. The attraction to dinosaurs, in comparison to other animals like lions and wolves, usually tends to be around the fact that dinosaurs are not around anymore. Because a child's imagination tends to run wild, they know that a dinosaur isn't likely to chase them around the next time they're playing outside with their friends.

Create Fun Dinosaur Balloons

Whether your kid likes dinosaurs because of their size, mystique, or cool skeletons, creating these fun dinosaur balloons at home can be a fun way to spend quality time together and allow them to admire their favorite animal. Luckily, there are several dinosaur balloon options to choose from together, including a Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, or T-Rex. These balloons can be used as decorations at a dinosaur-themed event or for kids to carry around, admire, and take home.

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    Make a Basic Dinosaur Balloon

    Basic Dinosaur Balloon

    This balloon sculpture resembles a Brontosaurus, which is now known as an Apatosaurus. An Apatosaurus is a genus of extinct sauropod dinosaurs that existed in North America in the Late Jurassic period. These dinosaurs were formerly thought of as a Brontosaurus, but that was the result of a fossil mistake. Share this history trivia with your child while you're making this balloon for some extra fun.

    This is the most basic dinosaur balloon animal that you can make from a single balloon. In fact, if you can make a simple dog balloon, you can easily make this one, too. It is recommended to start here if you have never made a balloon before.

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    Form a T-Rex or Sharp-tooth

    T-Rex balloon

    Compared to the basic dinosaur balloon and the baby Stegosaurus, this T-Rex or Sharp-tooth dinosaur is one is the most complex animal balloons to make and requires the most skill. To make a T-Rex, use two balloons. This is one of the few balloon animals out there that can stand on its own two feet, adding to the creativity.

    The T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, or "Sharp-tooth" is one of the most popular dinosaurs out there. At 15-20 feet high and anywhere between 11,000 and 20,000 pounds, the T-Rex was one of the largest carnivores in its environment and had a massive head, clawed fingers, and sharp teeth.