Learn How to Make Balloon Swords

When you learn how to make a balloon sword, you're guaranteed to be a hit at every kids' birthday party you go to––and maybe even some adult parties too. Kids love using their balloon swords to battle it out, which is a great way to get them to burn off some energy before it's time to sit down for cake or presents.

In the pantheon of balloon sculpting, swords are one of the easier projects to tackle, and they're also one of the most fun. If you have the basics of balloon sculpture mastered, most of the tutorials below should be a cinch after a little bit of practice. Since kids can be pretty rough with these swords, you'll want to bring some extra balloons with you for making replacements!

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    The Ultimate Balloon Sword


    There's a reason this is called the ultimate––it's the very best balloon sword you can make. Since it's made from two balloons, it's larger, grander, and more colorful than any sword made from a single balloon. If you've got the time, this is the sword balloon you'll want to make. 

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    Saber Sword Balloon

    Saber Sword Balloon Version 2.

    This curved-blade saber sword is reminiscent of one you might see a pirate carry, which of course means that kids will love it.

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    Basic Balloon Sword


    This basic sword balloon is easy to learn and twist. You'll find that kids love these swords and they make great practice for beginners who are just getting started with balloon sculpture. You can construct a lot of them in little time, so they're ideal for big crowds. This tutorial also has an optional step to make the swords more durable.

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    Basic Sword Saber Balloon


    Here's a sword that is drastically different from the other balloon swords. Although it might look a little complicated, this saber-style sword is actually among the easiest balloon sculptures to make. It's another option that is ideal for beginners to practice with before going on to other, more complicated techniques.

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    Foil-Style Balloon Sword


    This is a variation on the basic sword balloon, resulting in more of a foil-style sword. You can make the fold twists individually, or learn a technique to quickly make all three twists simultaneously to greatly reduce the time spent making it. This one is a good balance between a nice-looking balloon and fast construction time. It's a workhorse at a busy party.

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    Excalibur Balloon Sword


    This slight variation on the basic balloon sword shared above creates a sword that resembles Excalibur, with more of a medieval broadsword-style appearance.

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    Super Sword Balloon

    Baloon sword

    This colorful and spectacular balloon sword is made of two balloons instead of one. Kids will really like them because they're bigger and multicolored, and they're not all that difficult to make despite their intimidating appearance. If you want to make a special sword for a youngster, this is one to consider making. Just be sure that you're familiar with all of the basic balloon twists before embarking on this project.