Learn How to Make the Cutest Rabbit Balloon Animal (Version 2)

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    A Balloon Animal Rabbit

    Now here’s a cute, balloon animal bunny. You can try to make the conventional balloon animal bunny, which looks similar to a regular balloon dog with long ears, which is exactly what it is.

    Video Instructions

    You can watch the balloon bunny being made in the accompanying video. You can subscribe to this YouTube Channel to learn new balloon animals as they become available.

    Enter balloon rabbit, version 2. It's almost as endearing as the teddy bear balloon and the monkey balloon animal. (On the next level down may be the parrot balloon bird.) This version of a rabbit captures the many qualities of a bunny: cuteness, cuddliness, and big eyes.

    While this balloon animal is a lot harder to make than the basic version and takes longer with its multiple balloons, it’s a cute and cuddly crowd pleaser.

    Here's what you'll need to make the bunny balloon animal.


    Two 260 Balloons (A portion of a black balloon for the eyes and a second balloon for the overall color of the rabbit. Feel free to experiment with pastels and other colors. Also, feel free to experiment with the color of the eyes and try out blue or green.)

    Note: You should know how to execute the basic balloon fundamentals listed below.

    Skills Needed

    Basic twist
    Pinch twist
    How to make a dog balloon animal

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    Make the Eyes

    Black balloon with a five of diamonds playing card.

    Inflate the balloon for the eyes (black balloon in the pictures) about 6 inches. Make two tiny pinch twists. Cut off and tie off the balloon. This leaves you with the “eyes” in the picture.

    If you're careful, you can salvage the rest of the balloon and make more eyes from it later. Simply inflate it again and cut off and tie as before. You should be able to get at least three eyes per balloon.

    If you’re going to make a lot of these balloon rabbits, it might make sense to make a bunch of the “eyes” ahead of time to save time later when you’re in production mode. This way, you can skip this step and move directly to the rabbit's body in the next step, Simply make them ahead of time and store them in a zippered plastic bag for safekeeping.

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    Start the Body

    Pink balloon inflated for the face.

    Inflate the balloon for the body leaving about 6 inches of the uninflated balloon at its end. Note that the inflation level and making the balloon come out “right” or "even," when you’re done is rather tricky with this balloon animal.

    You’ll have to experiment with the uninflated portion to discover what works best for you. And don’t worry if the balloon animal doesn’t come out perfectly with a single balloon. You can always cut off the original balloon before you make the "ears," and add a second one of the same color. There’s an advantage to doing this, which will be explained later.

    Make a small pinch twist followed by a basic twist about 2 1/2 inches in length. Follow this with two small basic twists, about 1 inch in length and secure it with a lock twist.

    When it comes to this balloon bunny, always think small.

    At this point, the balloon doesn’t resemble much of anything. But you’ve made the tail, the back, and the cheeks of the bunny.

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    Make the Head

    Securing the black balloons to the pink ones.

    Place the “eye” balloon that you made earlier over the “cheeks” (lock twist) of the balloon. You’ll have to hold the “eyes” in place as you execute the next step.

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    Finish the Head

    Looped pink balloon.

    Make a basic twist that is just long enough to cover the “eyes” and wrap it over the "eyes" and then under the “cheeks.” You’ll be attaching the end of this basic twist to the beginning (base) of the “cheeks.”

    You’ve formed the basic “head” of the balloon animal rabbit.

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    Make the Legs and Ears

    Pink balloon twisted together.

    Make two basic twists that match the last two to add a second back leg and front leg. At this point, you should be able to see the basic bunny beginning to form. If you want "feet" for your bunny, you can add a small pinch twist between the two basic twists that you made in this step.

    Make the Second Set of Front and Back Legs

    Make two basic twists that match the last two to add a second back leg and front leg. Attach the end of the second basic twist to the base of the head. (If you added a pinch twist in the last step to make a “foot,” you’ll want to add a second one here between the two basic twists.)

    You will have completed the “body” of the rabbit. Now for the “ears.”

    If you have run out of balloons at this point to make “ears,” simply cut off and tie the balloon. Inflate a second balloon of the same color to make the “ears.”

    If You Have Enough Remaining Balloon to Make the Ears

    Make two basic twists of the same size for the “ears.” This will depend on the height of the ears that you wish, in combination with practicality, how much of the balloon you have left. Keep in mind that after making the “ears,” you’ll need a small basic twist to wrap around the base of the head to anchor them. You’ll have to estimate how much of the balloon you have to work with, and it takes real practice to be consistent and make this work out perfectly.

    Position the small basic twist under the “ears” and on top of the rabbit’s “back” to push the ears slightly forward.

    When You’re Adding a Second Balloon

    If you’re adding a second balloon for the “ears,” inflate the second balloon and tie it off. Inflate the balloon to a point that you have enough to make two ears and a pinch twist at the end.

    Wrap the nozzle around the base of the head to attach it to the rest of the rabbit. Make two basic twists of the same size for the ears. Once you’re happy with the ears, make a small pinch twist. Wrap this pinch twist around the “neck” of the rabbit at the base of the head to attach it. Leave the pinch twist under the ears and on top of the body to push the ears into a somewhat forward position.

    You now have a cute balloon bunny rabbit that will prove to be a heartbreaker and quite popular.

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    Completed balloon animal rabbit

    This balloon animal is not only a rabbit but if you make it with short ears, it becomes a cute guinea pig. And don’t forget that bunnies come in all shapes and sizes and different length ears. Feel free to experiment.

    As mentioned earlier, this balloon animal will take some work to make. And once you make this one at an event, be prepared to make lots of more. Also, you can save significant time by making a bunch of “eyes” earlier and have these ready to go.