Learn to Make Cute and Cuddly Balloon Animals

It’s surprising. When we’re making balloon animals, sometimes, people ooh and ahhh, just as if they are watching the latest online cat video. I guess some balloon animals have this effect on people, which is a good thing. We teach you how to make five cute balloon animals and add a few more for good measure.

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    The Cutest & Cuddliest Balloon Animals

    Wayne Kawamoto

    I’ve compiled the cutest and cuddliest animals made from balloons. Master these and you’ll have a repertoire of adorable balloon animals that you can make at any time. And they’re sure to charm your recipients and spectators.

    Video Instructions
    In addition to the written instructions you’ll find links where we teach how to make many of these balloons through video. Please subscribe to our video channel to learn new balloon animals as they become available. Also, ask me questions and receive updates on Facebook and Twitter.

    Note that the balloon animals in this collection vary in difficulty from easy to intermediate. Some require multiple balloons and feature complex segments that will require experience and practice. As with all balloon animals, it’s all about proportions, which comes with practice. You’ll want to be able to make the basic twists: basic twist, fold twist, and pinch twist.

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    The Tiger

    Wayne Kawamoto

    Make this one without the markings and it’s a maneless lion. You can also add spots instead of stripes to make a cheetah or leopard. The stripes make this tiger and unlike the Teddy Bear, this one benefits from eyes and the detail added to the face. But like the teddy bear, this one has proportions that can take some practice to master, particularly in the head. As you’ve probably noticed, the “head” of the tiger is similar to that of the teddy bear. The difference is in the snout which is the same balloon segment but folded in half and not threaded through the head. Master either the tiger or teddy bear, and you’ll be able to make the other.

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    The Rabbit

    A Balloon Animal Rabbit.

    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's a cute bunny rabbit that is sure to get oohs and aaahs. It's fairly complex to make but well worth the effort. 

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    The Parrot Balloon Animal

    The Parrot Balloon Animal.

    Wayne Kawamoto

    This is a fairly simple balloon animal to construct but it’s definitely got charm. This parrot balloon animal sits on its built-in perch. And when you add the details with the eyes, this one comes alive. If you like, you can also make this parrot by itself without the perch - cutting away the remaining balloon after making the parrot. What’s fun is that you can pinch the fabric on the shoulder of someone’s shirt, between the body and tail of the parrot, and someone can wear the parrot on the shoulder, just like a pirate.

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    The Monkey

    Wayne Kawamoto

    This is a great balloon animal that is flexible to make: you can mount this one on a pole (balloon) or on a balloon tree, and, if you like, you can even add “bananas” to the tree. You can choose to draw “eyes” on this one, but it’s not necessary. I think that this one looks best with a small body and long tail. And a nice detail is to curl the tail so it’s it’s not just a portion of a straight balloon.

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    The Poodle


    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's a poodle balloon dog. While it's a variety of dog, it's construction is quite different from a standard balloon dog. It's whimsical tail adds lots of character.

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    The Teddy Bear


    Wayne Kawamoto

    This one may be the cutest balloon animal out there that gets the most oohs and ahhs. It’s fairly complex and the proportions can be tricky, particularly in the head. LIke the monkey, this one is also quite flexible. You can leave it as is, as in the instructional lesson. Or, you can place this one on another balloon so it’s sitting on a pole or tree. In this case, you’ll make the legs as you would a dog balloon animal and thread the second balloon through the legs. As with the monkey, you can draw “eyes” on it, but this balloon doesn’t really need it. In fact, I think this one may look better without “eyes” as one’s imagination fills them in. However, you get to choose.

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    Pig Balloon Animal

    Wayne Kawamoto 

    Here's a cute pig that's made of balloons. You can say that he's an "oinker."

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    Horse Balloon Animal

    Horse Balloon Animal.

    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's a horse that will be a hit with all of the kids who love four-legged animals and riding. Learn this one so you don't have to say "neigh" when a kid has an equestrian-style request.

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    The Dog

    Dog Balloon Animal.

    Wayne Kawamoto

    Yes, this is the most basic balloon animal to learn to make (after a “snake” or “worm” - an inflated balloon). It’s where we all start when we begin to learn to make balloon animals. But one can’t deny, with the right proportions, this one can be mighty cute. One can add “eyes” with a marker, but I’m not sure that this adds to the animal’s charm. It’s unclear if the top of the dog’s head is indeed the “top” or the ears. And adding eyes can distort this. But feel free to experiment and discover what works best for your artistic eye.