5 Crafts Using Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots

Chelsea Victoria / Stocksy United

Clay terracotta pots might look boring and simple at first glance, but there's a wide range of opportunities for craft projects. From personalizing the pot to give as a gift to making it into a bath for the neighborhood birds, both kids and adults can enjoy upcycling old terracotta pots into crafts. If you don't have any old pots handy, don't worry—terracotta pots are inexpensive at home improvement or garden stores.

  1. Terracotta Pot Bird Bath

    Invite beautiful birds to frolic in your yard by creating an environment they will adore, including a terracotta bird bath. Bird baths attract all sort of bird species, which use the fresh water for both drinking and preening.

    This clay pot bird bath takes just 30 minutes to make. You can leave it looking rustic in its original terracotta state or use paint to personalize the bath. It's a fantastic project for kids, who will love to then watch the birds come to spend time outside their house.

  2. Terracotta Pot People

    Add this fun, creative project to your list of things to do with the kids! Terracotta pot people add a touch of whimsy to a green space, whether it's a garden or a courtyard. It's best for ages 8 and older, though younger kids can also participate with enough help from adults.

    For this project, you will need two medium-sized terracotta pots and four small pots, as well as paints and other craft supplies to decorate the "people." From start to finish, this project takes about an hour.

  3. Terracotta Pot Candle

    This is an adults-only project, considering the danger of working with wax and fire. Use a terracotta pot as the base for a homemade candle, and then decorate the outside of the pot to your personal style preference.

    Creating a candle out of a terracotta pot requires a bit of precaution to ensure that it's created safely. Terracotta pots typically aren't glazed on the interior, so the wax can seep in and set the entire pot on fire. Therefore, you must fit seal the interior of the pot, as well as plug the hole in the bottom, before turning it into a candle.

  4. Terracotta Pot Grill

    Both crafty and practical, a terracotta pot makes a perfect vessel for grilling because of its design—the material holds the heat in while insulating the outside. Making the grill requires the terracotta pot, of course, but also sand, charcoal, and a grill grate. This, too, is a project that's best for adults.

  5. Personalized Flower Pot

    Perhaps this is one of the most obvious crafts to do with a terracotta pot, but it's also one of the most fun. Use the personalized terracotta pot in your own garden to give it a touch of color and whimsy, or design it to the preferences of a friend or family member. Then, fill up the pot with a plant and give it as a memorable, personal gift.