How to Make Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Colored Flowers
Marie LeBaron
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    Make Coffee Filter Flowers

    Create a coffee filter flower bouquet
    Marie LeBaron

    Get excited for spring! With all the flowers blooming outdoors, it can be fun to decorate your house with some flowers indoors too. Use coffee filters to make beautiful flowers.

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    Supplies for Coffee Filter Flowers

    Coffee Filter Flower Washi Tape Straw Supplies
    Marie LeBaron

    You will need: 

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    Step 1: Coffee Filter Flowers

    Coffee Filters Rainbow Markers and Water
    Marie LeBaron

     First, you'll need to color your coffee filters. There are a few ways you can do this: 

    • Decorate your coffee filters with crayons or markers. Just let the kids color them however they'd like. 
    • Watercolor your coffee filters with all sorts of colors. Let these dry and they are ready. 
    • Make Rainbow Colored Coffee Filters with markers and water in a fun extra science experiment. Kids can watch the colors grow and form in their coffee filters with this method.
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    Step 2: Coffee Filter Flowers

    Folding Coffee Filter Flowers
    Marie LeBaron

    Once you have your colored coffee filters, they are ready to form into flowers. There are a few ways you can form your flowers. 

    • Simply scrunch them up from the center
    • Fold them in half and then scrunch them up
    • Twist them from one side
    • Fold them in half and roll them up like a rose. 
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    Step 3: Coffee Filter Flowers

    Washi Tape Straw Flowers
    Marie LeBaron

    Next, you will add a straw to the bottom of the flower-made coffee filter. You can slip it into the center of your rolled up coffee filter or simply add the straw to the side. 

    Cut or tear a strip of washi tape and secure your straw in place. *You can use regular tape for this, but the washi tape is more decorative since the tape will show at the bottom of the flower. 

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    Step 4: Coffee Filter Flowers

    Making Coffee Filter Flowers
    Marie LeBaron

    Do this for each of your colored coffee filter flowers — adding the straw and securing with washi tape.

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    Step 5: Coffee Filter Flowers

    Make Coffee Filter Flowers
    Marie LeBaron

    Line up all of your flowers. You can coordinate with specific colors to match your home or just a simple a rainbow of pretty colors. 

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    Finished Coffee Filter Flowers

    Coffee Filter Colored Flowers
    Marie LeBaron

    Add your new colored coffee filter flowers to a vase and they are ready to display. They make a really fun gift for Easter, spring, or even Mother's day!