How to Make a Balloon Hat - The Helmet

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    The Helmet

    Blue balloon hat

    Here’s a fundamental, easy hat to make from balloons. If you like, you can make a good number of these quickly. These helmets are great to make at kid parties or any event with children (church bazaars, picnics, street fairs, block parties, school nights, etc.). This one is only slightly more difficult to make than a basic balloon hat—you're adding a single step to "finish" the balloon.

    If you make balloon hats at an event, the sculptures will be worn and give you lots of visibility. With hats seemingly everywhere, your host or client will know that you are performing your job. It is satisfying to work an event and see one's creations everywhere. And balloon animals and hats add lots of vibrant color to an event to liven it up.

    Like the basic balloon hat, the helmet acts as a base upon which you can add more balloons and make fancier, more detailed hats. This hat also acts as a foundation for the detailed helmet. Once you make a helmet, you’re only limited by your imagination as to what you can make.

    To make the balloon hat helmet, you’ll need to have mastered the basic twist.


    260 balloons

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    Start the Helmet Balloon Hat With a Basic Hat

    Person holding the balloon hat

    Inflate the balloon to almost the end leaving a 1/4-inch tip.

    Start with a basic balloon hat. Briefly, starting at the knot end of the balloon, make a small basic twist about 1 inch long. By holding this basic twist, create a loop out of the balloon. You’re trying to create a loop that will be approximately the size (diameter) of the wearer’s head. Twist the basic twist onto the rest of the balloon and lock it in with a few turns.

    Balloon Making Tip

    When making hats, experienced balloon twisters create the first 1/4-inch tip and then wrap the rest of the balloon around the head of the recipient to physically measure the correct length. After marking the proper length of the balloon, the twister proceeds to the next step.

    As a genre, balloon hats are rather tricky and unforgiving, particularly the more complex balloon hats such as the crown. If you make a balloon and it doesn't fit the recipient, you can sometimes take your balloon apart and adjust the lengths and then recreate it with the proper fit. But if you're twisting a complex balloon hat, it may be easier to inflate a new balloon and start from the beginning.

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    Finish the Helmet Balloon Hat

    Completed balloon crown.

    Take the “tail” of the balloon hat and bend it toward the front of the hat. Make a small basic twist at the end of the balloon and attach it to the twist at the front of the hat.

    You have created a balloon hat helmet.

    Again, you can learn how to make more balloon hats. While the helmet is among the easier balloons to learn to make, it forms the foundation for other balloon hats. A good next step is the jester balloon hat.