Make an Embroidered Candy Corn Pin

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    Embroider a Candy Corn Pin for Halloween

    Make a Candy Corn Pin
    Make a Candy Corn Pin. © Mollie Johanson

    When fall comes around, candy corn is a favorite treat for so many folks. Are you a candy corn fan? If so, this quick-to-stitch pin is perfect for you! All it takes is a few basic supplies, some embroidery and a bit of stitching to put it all together.

    The embroidery on this pin is as simple as an outline with some scattered fill stitching and you get to choose your favorite stitches! You can make the entire pin in an evening or two. 

    Because it only uses basic stitches, children can learn how to make this project too. Give them a little assistance to get started and then let them choose how they want to fill in the different areas.

    Pins like this make a great gift, and you can apply the same technique to other motifs too. Just grab a pattern for a very basic outline and fill in the shape as you like. 


    Wool felt
    Perle cotton or embroidery floss (the example uses size 8 perle cotton)
    Sew-on pin back
    Basic embroidery tools

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    Embroider the Candy Corn and Cut the Pieces

    Candy Corn Pin Pieces
    Candy Corn Pin Pieces. © Mollie Johanson

    Download the JPG Candy Corn embroidery pattern. Print it out so it is about 1-3/4in tall or whatever size you desire.

    Use the water-soluble stabilizer method or tracing paper method to mark the pattern on felt. 

    Embroider the outline of the pattern with your favorite outlining stitch (the example uses back stitch). Wool felt has varying levels of difficulty to stitch through, so try different needles to find one that works well with your materials.

    Traditional candy corn is white at the top, orange in the middle and yellow at the bottom, but it comes in different colors and flavors. You might want to make some pink candy corn!

    Fill in each section with small scattered stitches. Make each section different or have them all be the same. The example uses cross stitches, Colonial knots and double seed stitch.

    When the embroidery is finished, remove the stabilizer or tracing paper.

    Cut around the shape, leaving about 1/4in of felt on all sides. Cut a second piece of felt to the same shape.

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    Attach the Pin to the Back

    Attach the Pin Back
    Attach the Pin Back. © Mollie Johanson

    Sew the pin back to the back of the plain piece of felt. It's important that you stitch on the back of the piece, so make sure that the edges of the front and back will match up.

    Open the pin so you can reach the holes of the pin back easier. Stitch through each hole on each side of the bar several times to make it secure. 

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    Stitch the Front and Back Together

    Blanket Stitch the Pin Together
    Blanket Stitch the Pin Together. © Mollie Johanson

    Hold the front and back felt pieces together and stitch them together with blanket stitch. Running stitch also works well and is good for children who are making an embroidered pin like this.

    Use matching thread for a more hidden finish or a contrasting color to show off those stitches.

    Pin your new candy corn accessory onto a jacket or bag and sport your favorite treat for the season!