How to Make an Elastic Bead Bracelet

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    Elastic Bead Bracelet

    DIY Elastic Bead Bracelet
    Made properly, strech bead bracelets will last for a long time. Lisa Yang

    Elastic beaded bracelets are a fun, easy way to add lots of color and variety to your wardrobe. You can make them from different types of beads and in various colors. They are perfect for when you’re running out the door and need to throw on some easy to wear jewelry. They also make for great cheap but beautiful personalized gifts. While you can make these using just about any ​type of bead you could image, this quick tutorial will give you all the basics.

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    Elastic Bracelet Bead Tip

    One tip before you get started is to consider which bead you will hide your knot in. The smallest sized bead that seems to work for this is 4mm. Any smaller, and it’s just too difficult to make it worth the effort. So, when you pick out your beads and design your bead pattern, keep this in mind.

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    Materials Needed

    Perler beads
    Perler beads come in a great assortment of colors. Lisa Yang

    First, collect your beads and supplies. For the bracelet in this project, you’ll need:

    • Approximately 10 grams of size 11 turquoise seed beads
    • Two royal blue 10 by eight mm teardrop beads
    • 10 inches of .05 elastic stringing medium
    • Scissors
    • Hypo-cement
    • 1 bead stopper
    • Ruler
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    Start Stringing Your Bracelet

    Strung beads
    • Add the bead stopper to one end of your elastic. You can also use a paper binding clip for this if you prefer.
    • Then string on one teardrop bead the with the wider end of the bead facing away from you.
    • String on one seed bead.
    • String on one teardrop bead with the wider end of the bead facing towards you.
    • String on more seed beads until you have about a total of six and a half inches of beads strung onto the elastic.
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    Tie a Knot

    Bracelet prepared with a square knot.

    Now, tie a square knot, by placing the right side of the elastic over left and then left over right. Pull the elastic to tighten the knot. If you want, since this elastic is so thin, you can make one more 1/2 square knot.

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    Finish the Elastic and Glue

    • Trim off the excess elastic leaving about 1/4 inch on each end, and then dab some glue on the knot.
    • Carefully pull the elastic so that the knot goes inside one of the teardrop beads.
    • Allow the glue to dry overnight before wearing your new bracelet.

    This finished bracelet will fit most people who wear a seven to seven and a half inch bracelet. Of course, if you want a longer or smaller bracelet, just use more or less beads and adjust the length of the elastic to suit your needs. Normally, the finished length should be about an inch smaller than your wrist. Remember, the elastic is made to stretch.