How to Make an Easy 9 Page Paper Booklet!

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    How to Make an Easy 9 Page Paper Booklet!

    easy kirigami booklet tutorial 01
    Paper Kawaii

    Learn how to make an easy paper booklet from 1 sheet of rectangular paper / A4 paper! This kirigami book is a great little DIY project to make with kids!

    We will be using origami folding techniques to divide the paper into 16 sections, and then cutting along certain folds to end up with a 9 page paper booklet. Kirigami is a art form related to origami, where you cut the paper. You can find a quick introduction to Kirigami here.

    You may want to use some glue at the end to make it more secure.

    There are endless ways that this little paper book can be used, some examples include:

    Make a handmade book instead of a greetings card, decorating it for the special occasion, this can be a very personal, elaborate and fun way to give someone a special gift that they will hold on to and cherish!

    Use this little kirigami book to make a flip book with little moving animations! 

    Make a miniature book for your child's dolls! There are many lovely techniques to make antique style miniature books, here is a great pinterest board dedicated to miniature books.

    You can use any size paper, even square, if you do use square paper, the book will turn out square too! 

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    Kirigami Paper Booklet from A4! - Step 1

    easy kirigami booklet tutorial 02
    Paper Kawaii

    Start with your rectangular paper, with the colour you don't want to see, facing up.

    1. Fold the paper in half, and then unfold.

    2. Next, fold the bottom edge up to the top edge.

    3. Again, fold the bottom edge up to the top edge, and then unfold.

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    Kirigami Paper Booklet from A4! - Step 2

    easy kirigami booklet tutorial 03
    Paper Kawaii

    4. Fold the right edge and the left edge to the central crease and unfold.

    Unfold the paper back out.

    5. Cut along the red dotted lines that are indicated in the diagram.

    6. Start from the top right section, fold it to the left, and make a concertina, like an M shape with the sections until you reach the left side.

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    Kirigami Paper Booklet from A4! - Step 3

    easy kirigami booklet tutorial 04
    Paper Kawaii

    7. Fold the top left section down behind the lower section.

    8. Continue to concertina the paper, flipping it behind at each end.

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    Kirigami Paper Booklet from A4! - Step 4

    easy kirigami booklet tutorial 05
    Paper Kawaii

    9. If you need to make the booklet sturdier, glue the sections that have gaps, there are 3 of these sections.

    10. Your booklet is now complete!

    You can make a cover for your little paper book by getting some thicker paper, cutting it to just a little taller than the book, and wrap it around the book, leaving some extra paper on each end to tuck in, just like a real book jacket.

    You can take it a step further and glue the spine together, or glue the back of all of the sections, making a very sturdy little book!

    If you enjoyed folding this kirigami booklet, why not check out this alternative origami method for creating a mini book.