How to Make a Stunning Water Lily Floral Arrangement

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    How to Make a Stunning Water Lily Floral Arrangement

    DIY Water Lily Floral Arrangement
    Stephanie White. The Spruce Crafts, 2015.

    Make this beautiful water lily floral arrangement in minutes. Add it to your table or add a bit of greenery to your home's decor elsewhere. This is perfect for condos, homes that are tight on space, a home without a garden to adorn with DIY gardening projects or a home where it might not be possible to fit a water garden. You can easily create a mini water garden for your home that will remind you of any memories you've got outdoors. 


    • 1 tall glass vase
    • 1 small water lily or lotus plant 
    • 5-8 small to medium size flat river rocks
    • Water
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    Start a Water Lily

    Leaves and roots
    Stephanie White. The Spruce Crafts, 2015.

    To begin, you will either need to start a water lily from seed by soaking seeds in water and waiting for them to sprout which can take one to three weeks, or buy a small water lily plant from a gardening store. Water lily seeds are much cheaper and often costs $1 a seed while small plants will cost between $7-15. If you are using a purchased water lily plant remove plastic or packaging on the plant so that you are left with just the plant and roots.

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    Prepare the Vase

    Rocks in vase
    Stephanie White. The Spruce Crafts, 2015.

    Thoroughly clean out the tall glass vase. Make sure to remove all soap. That's because excess soap inside the container will kill your plant.

    Place the roots of the water lily plant at the bottom of the glass vase in the middle.

    Take the river rocks and position to cover the water lily's roots. For full coverage of the roots begin by placing four to five larger rocks on all sides. Use the small rocks to fill any small gaps where the roots are still visible. It is essential to be careful when placing the rocks, especially the larger ones as they can damage the delicate plant stem if dropped directly on the plant. As such it is suggested to use one hand to hold the plant stems to protect them and another to place the rocks at the bottom of the vase.

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    Add Flower and Water

    Completed Water Lily Arrangement
    Stephanie White. The Spruce Crafts, 2015.

    Once the rocks are placed, you are ready to fill the vase with water. Make sure to regularly monitor your water lily floral arrangement and add more water as necessary. As your water lily plant grows, it will create new small plants which you will need to cut off using scissors. That's because otherwise, your water lily will become too cramped in the vase. The new plants can also be planted in other glass vases to create new water lily floral arrangements that you can give to family or friends.