How to Make a Super Sword Balloon

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    Starting the Super Sword Balloon

    Here’s a spectacular and colorful sword balloon that’s made from two 260 balloons. If you’ve got a party full of lively kids, they’ll really go for these, and they don’t take that long to make.

    To make the super sword balloon, you will need to already know how to make a dog balloon animal, and have mastered the basic, fold, lock, and pinch twists.


    Two 260 Balloons of different colors.

    To start, inflate both balloons and leave about three-inch tip.

    If you'd like to learn another sword balloon that works on a larger scale, check out the instructions for our Ultimate Sword Balloon. This one is also made from two balloons but it creates a more traditional-looking broad sword. Another plus, with the single balloon layer that's used for the handle, it's far easier for kids to hold and "heave." You can get a better look at this balloon sword in our video and see the process of it being made.

    And still one more enhanced balloon sword comes in the "light" or "laser" style swords inspired by the Star Wars movies. There are made from two balloons - one for the handle and the second for the "light" or "laser." And still one more version of a light style saber was inspired by the latest Star Wars film, and you can learn it here.

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    Begin the "Blade" of the Super Sword Balloon

    Starting at the knot end of the each balloon, make a tiny basic twist and then twist these together several times. You’re joining the two balloons together at their knotted ends.

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    Make the "Blade" of the Super Balloon Sword

    Similar to a candy cane, twist the two balloons together and around each other until you get a spiral double balloon that’s about two feet long. At the end of the spiral segment, lock the two balloons together by twisting them several times. You’ll end up with a spiral section that’s made up of two balloons that will act as the sword’s blade.

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    Begin the Hand Guard of the Super Balloon Sword

    Now you’re working on the “hand guard.” Make one basic twist about two inches in length, followed by another basic twist about one-inch in length, followed by yet another that’s about two-inches in length.

    If you like, you can convert the one-inch segment to a pinch twist for a slightly different look. Personally, I prefer the pinch twist as it adds something of a "jeweled" look to the hand guard. If you look at the image of the end product, you'll notice that it features the pinch twist.

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    Finish the Hand Guard of the Super Balloon Sword

    Repeat with the second balloon.

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    Finish the Super Balloon Sword

    With the remaining balloon, start the handle by making one small pinch twist to hold the hand guard. This is followed by one long basic twist. Do this for each balloon and then lock the last remnants of the balloons together. You’re forming a handle from the two balloons.

    You’ve got a spectacular and color balloon sword that the kids will go crazy over.


    If you're working an event and have lots of kids, it's likely that you won't want to make these more elaborate swords that require multiple balloons. When kids get excited, they will tend to pop these balloons as they swing them at each other. Furthermore, making swords out of two balloons simply takes longer than making a sword from a single balloon.