Make the Shape of a Simple Pennant Banner

rainbow pendant banner

Jose Luis Raota / Getty Images

Project Overview
  • Total Time: 2 hrs
  • Yield: 1 banner
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Banners are hot in scrapbooking. You can use them as a border across your scrapbook page or even as a scrapbook page title. The banner shown on this sample scrapbook page holds sticker letters that spell out the title "Scout Camp." The free pattern for these pennants is designed so that each triangle fits snuggly inside the others, making tracing and cutting each piece quick and easy. The papers and sticker letters used on this layout are from the Pyrus Collection by BasicGrey. This step-by-step article includes a free pattern and instructions to get you started adding these fun pennant banners to your scrapbook pages.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Pen
  • Scissors


  • 1 sheet 8..5x11-inch scrapbook paper
  • DMC floss, fiber or string
  • Adhesive
  • Cardstock
  • Double-sided foam adhesive tape


  1. Copy and Paste Free Printable Pennant Pattern

    Copy and paste this banner template into a word document or download the image. If you want to resize it, make sure that you only adjust the image using a corner so that you do not distort the shape when you change the size. Now you are ready to print the pattern. We print our patterns on white cardstock so that we can cut them out and use them to trace around on whatever patterned papers that we wish to use. Continue reading this step-by-step article for ideas about using this free scrapbook pattern for banners with pennants.

    Banner Pennant Pattern
  2. Cut Out and Trace the Pennant Pattern

    To begin, we printed the free pennant pattern in three sizes so that we could cut them out and try them on the scrapbook page to see what size would work best. In the end, we chose the smallest one which allowed me to get 9 shapes across an 8 1/2 x 11-inch scrapbook page. For the rest of the steps you will need: a pen to trace shapes, sharp scissors to cut out the pieces, DMC floss or other fiber or string, and adhesive.

    Pennant Instructions Step 1
  3. Put the Pennants on Cardstock

    Once you have printed the free pattern on cardstock and cut it out, you can use it to carefully trace the shape over and over again on the back of cardstock or printed paper. As you can see, the shape is designed so that it fits snuggly next to each traced shape allowing you to nest pieces together. Trace as many pennant shapes as needed on one or more colors of cardstock or paper. For the sample scrapbook page, we alternated two different paper designs.

    Pennant drawings next to pen
  4. Cut Out Your Pennants

    Now it is time to cut out the pieces. If you traced the pennant all tightly together you will be able to cut them out quickly using scissors or even a paper trimmer to cut straight lines as shown in this photo.

    Cut cardstock with scissors
  5. Fold Your Pennants

    Now you will want to fold each pennant shape very neatly on across the top so that the tab folds to the back. To get a nice crisp fold, you may want to carefully score the line first. We used a scoring blade on my paper trimmer to score a line across each pennant and then the folding with quick and perfect.

    Pennant cut out of cardstock
  6. String Your Pennants Together

    The final step is to place adhesive on the folded tab and fold each pennant over the top of a piece of DMC floss. You will want to pull the floss nice and tight across the fold on the pennant shape so that the floss is at the very top of each flag. To adhere the completed pennant to your scrapbook page, you may want to add a piece of double-sided foam adhesive tape to the back of each piece. This will give you banner a little lift and add dimension to your scrapbook page layout.

    Pennant taped to string