How to Make a DIY Glitter Cell Phone Case

glitter phone case
@hahnee12 / Twenty20

Often times, nice looking cell phone cases are expensive, but even if you are on a tight budget you can still have an eye-catching case by giving your old case a new look with a bottle of glitter. Head to the craft store and grab a bottle of glitter in your favorite color to update your old case within an hour into a fabulous glitter cell phone case just like they sell in stores.

What You Will Need

  • Your old cell phone case
  • 1 bottle of fine glitter in your choice of color
  • 1 bottle of all-in-one glue sealer and finish
  • A paintbrush or foam brush
  • A mixing bowl (after this DIY you will not be able to eat out of the bowl so pick an old bowl or a disposable bowl)
  • Dish soap

How to Make a DIY Glitter Cell Phone Case

  1. Clean off the cell phone case with soap and water to remove any existing dirt or dust. It is important to clean off all grime from the cell phone otherwise, the glitter will not properly stick to the cell phone case.
  2. Pour a small amount of glue sealer in the mixing bowl, and then pour the glitter into the bowl. Begin by pouring a small amount of fine glitter in the bowl and mix the glue sealer and glitter together. It is possible to use regular or even large size glitter for this DIY project but the finer the pieces of glitter the easier it will be to get a smooth and even coat of glitter. After adding the glitter if you find there is not enough, you can some more glitter to the mixture. When mixing in the glitter, you want there to be enough that you can see the glitter, but not so much that it becomes overly thick as it will be more difficult to paint with. If you find it hard to stir the glue sealer and glitter mixture then you will need to add more glue sealer. A good way to judge if there is enough glitter is typically the glue sealer will appear the color of the glitter; for example, if you are using green glitter the glue sealer will no longer look white but green instead.
  1. Paint a thin layer of glue sealer glitter mixture onto the exterior cell phone case using a paintbrush or foam brush. Allow the coat of glitter to dry, and paint another coat of the glue sealer and glitter mixture.
  2. Once the back of the cell phone case has been fully covered with glitter so that you can no longer see the previous color of the case you can flip the case over and begin painting the sides and front of the cell phone case.
  3. Once all sides of the cell phone case have dried, tap the phone or lightly shake it to remove any loose glitter. If needed you may need to touch up any areas where too much glitter falls off.
  4. For extra durability, especially if using larger pieces of glitter, paint one layer of just glue sealer on the front and back of the cell phone case. 


  • Instead of using glitter you can also use cut up pieces of tinsel. If you use tinsel pieces, use a small amount of tinsel in the glue sealer. The underneath color of the case will then show through, so if you wish, paint the cell phone case first with acrylic paint then use the tinsel and Mod Podge mixture on top. For example, first, coat your case with black paint followed by a layer of glue sealer mixed with gold tinsel. 
  • If you have extra glitter and glue sealer mixture left over, you can use it to paint your cell phone charger to match.