Make a Galaxy Jar!

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    Your Kids will Love this Galaxy Jar

    Galaxy Jar
    Galaxy Jar.

    My children have been playing with this so much!  Such a simple fun project that is mesmerizing to look at.   A galaxy jar is great for helping a child calm down and focus as well.

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    DIY Galaxy Jar Supplies Needed

    Galaxy Jar Supplies
    Galaxy Jar Supplies.

    The empty jar we had on hand from spaghetti sauce.  If you are making this with a young child, you may want to go with a plastic jar such as a peanut butter jar.  Other supplies were purchased at our local dollar store and include clear hair gel, purple dish detergent, large purple glitter and small packets (came in a set) of colored glitter such as silver, shades of blue, purple and black.

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    First Step to Make a Galaxy Jar

    Hair Gel
    Hair Gel.

    First, you'll want to have your child add about half of the hair gel to your jar. 

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    Second Step to Make a Galaxy Jar

    Dish Soap
    Dish Soap.

    Now you can have your child squeeze in the purple dish soap on top of the hair gel.  Do this until you have filled your jar to the half way point.

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    Third Step

    Hair Gel
    Add the rest of the hair gel.

    Have your child add the rest of the hair gel to the jar.  Now comes the real fun.


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    Add Some Glitter

    Add purple Glitter.

     You'll want to add some glitter, be sure to use large and small glitter.

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    More Glitter!

    More glitter
    Add more glitter.

    You'll want to go ahead and tell them to add more glitter.  All different shades of blue, purple and throw in some silver and black.

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    TONS of Glitter!

    Lots of Glitter!.

    We added a lot of glitter in all different shades to represent stars and planets.  Trust me, it's like magic!

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    Almost Finished!

    Galaxy Jar
    Screw the lid back on.

    We're nearly finished!  Screw the lid back onto your jar.  Later you can add some glue inside the threads to keep it closed, but for now, just screw it on.   

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    Shake to Mix

    Shake to mix
    Shake to mix.

    Shake the jar to get all of the hair gel, dish soap, and glitter to mix.  If you have a lot of space at the top after mixing, then add more dish soap.  Once you have it how you want, then you can glue on the lid. 

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    Awesome Galaxy Jar!

    Galaxy Jar
    Galaxy Jar.

    Shake it up, watch it move.  When it settles to the bottom, turn it upside down and watch the glitter make pretty designs.  Then you can shake it again and admire your beautiful Galaxy Jar!