How to Make a Flower Balloon

Balloon flower
yannp / Getty Images

The flower balloon animal is a cute, crowd-pleasing balloon sculpture. Unlike the basic flower balloon, this flower is more attractive due to its denser petals. To make this balloon figure, you will need to know how to make a fold twist.

What You'll Need


  • 2 260 balloons


  1. Inflate the Balloon

    Inflate the balloon to about 2 inches from the end.

    Yellow balloon
    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto
  2. Make the Petals

    Make a small fold twist using a balloon segment that is about 4 inches long. Repeat the process for another four petals, for a total of five, trying to make each one the same size as the first fold twist. Straighten out the five-fold twists so they form the petals of a flower. You're done with the petals.

    Yellow flower
    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto
  3. Make and Attach the Stem

    Inflate the second (probably green) balloon and leave a 1/2 inch of the inflated balloon at the end.

    Taking the nozzle end of the green balloon, make a small basic twist, about 1 inch in length. Join this basic twist to the center of the flower petals. To do this, stretch the basic twist away from the rest of the balloon (stem), and insert the flower, so the petals reside between the nozzle twist and the rest of the balloon.

    Balloon flower
    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto
  4. Finish the Center

    At this point, you have three options for the center of the balloon flower:

    1. Leave the basic twist as-is. When you join the "stem" to the petals of the flower, you'll have a nozzle showing in the middle of the flower. This is fine, but it's probably the least finished of the options. A plus, this is the fastest method to make a flower balloon if you're pressed for time or have lots of people waiting in line.
    2. Finish the basic twist after joining the stem to the flower. Join the stem to the flower and then take the nozzle and wrap it around the flower, in between the petals. You'll have a flower center that doesn't show the nozzle.
    3. Make a tulip twist in the flower's center. Before joining the basic twist of the stem to the flower, make a tulip twist in the nozzle end. Attach the tulip twist to the flower petals as you did in option one.
  5. Add Leaves (Optional)

    If you like, you can add "leaves" by twisting the "stem" with a couple of fold twists as you would for a basic sword balloon. In this case, you're essentially making the handguard for the sword, but are forming "leaves." The technique to quickly make a handguard for a sword applies here to make the leaves.