How to Make a Fake Mustache

Imagine, you and Barbie are going to make a mustache together at home. Yes, that's right! Barbie's silken hair makes great mustache hair and saves you a trip to the costume store. A blonde or brunette Barbie will do, depending on your natural hair or wig color. All you need is a forgotten Barbie (or one that's in need of a haircut), a plastic baggie, scissors, and rubber cement. Once the craft is complete, this on-the-fly mustache can be worn by kids or adults for an impromptu performance or Halloween costume

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    What You'll Need

    Young boy with fake mustache
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    • Printable mustache template
    • Barbie doll 
    • Sharp scissors 
    • Sandwich bag
    • Permanent marker
    • Rubber cement
    • Spirit gum
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    Choose Your Mustache Style

    Make a Fake Mustache
    The Spruce / Rain Blanken

    Print out a free online mustache template of your liking. Handlebar and horseshoe mustaches are fashionable, but pencil mustaches are the easiest to make. Cut out your chosen mustache and trace it onto the sandwich bag using a permanent marker. 

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    Give Barbie a Haircut

    Cut the barbie's hair
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    Cut just enough Barbie hair to cover your mustache template, while overlapping the margin by one inch. Snip the hair in small bunches so that you achieve a clean cut and make it easier to handle.

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    Add Glue and Hair

    Add glue in your template
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    Brush rubber cement onto your mustache template, extending about an inch above the top line. It is important to go beyond the outlines of your stencil so that the hair will stay put. Wait a few seconds, and then coat the baggie once again.

    Place a lock of the hair vertically onto the center of the mustache, overlapping the top line of your stencil just a little bit. Use your fingertip to gently spread the lock of hair. Continue to lay hair onto the glue on either side of the middle lock. Arrange them carefully so that the hair is spread evenly. And don't worry about gaps.

    Note: If rubber cement starts to collect on your fingertips, rub your fingers vigorously together to make a glueball that falls right off

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    Add a Second Layer

    Drizzle, apply glue again and wait.
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    Lifting your rubber cement brush straight out of the bottle, drizzle the adhesive in neat lines over the already-applied hair. Move back and forth horizontally over your mustache area.

    Apply more vertical locks to the drizzled area. Spread them out, making sure that the strands adhere to the glue. If your mustache isn't looking full, repeat this step until it's plump. Allow the glue to dry for up to half an hour. 

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    Cut out and Wear the Mustache

    Finished mustache
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    Cut off the unused side of your baggie and save it to make another mustache or a beard. Flip your template over so that the wrong side is facing up and you can see your stencil. Cut out your mustache template, leaving longer hairs that extend passed the lines. Trim the hairs for a more natural look.

    Use spirit gum to adhere the mustache to your face. Spirit gum—often sold with fake eyelashes—can easily be found at a costume shop or department store during the Halloween season. Once you're done with your disguise, the baggie will peel off easily.