How to Make a Dog Bone Shaped Neck Pillow

Dog Bone Shaped Neck Pillow
Debbie Colgrove

Anyone who travels frequently knows how crucial neck pillows can be to making a long journey more comfortable. Neck pillows a great anytime you need just a little more support. They also make for cute accent pillows. This is a simple sewing pattern that can be hand sewn if you don't have a sewing machine. Using a machine will finish this project in no time. The dog bone pattern makes this a great gift for the puppy lover in your life or just to keep for yourself. 

Materials Needed

  • Any fabric - 1/4 yard, velours (a fabric that is fuzzy and resembles velvet) or Polar Fleece work well for this pattern
  • Quality All Purpose Thread
  • Stuffing
  • Two printouts of Pattern

Neck Pillow Sewing Directions

  1. Tape the two pattern pieces together along the tape line. Make a dot even with the other dot on one side of the pattern so that you have two dots on one side edge. It doesn't matter which side edge.
  2. Cut two out of the fabric, using the tape line as a grainline guide and keeping it an even distance from the selvage. 
  3. Transfer the dot markings to the fabric.
  4. Pin the fabric together, with the wrong sides together, and use a 1/2" seam to join them. Leave open between the dots on one side edge. Use these tips for pinning the seam.
  5. Make clips into seam allowance at curves and "V's" so that the seam will lay smoothly when it is turned right side out. Never clip through the seam allowance at the exact same point. Instead make the clips through one layer at a time, next to each other but not exactly in the same location because that could weaken the seam.
  6. Turn right side out. 
  7. Stuff.
  8. Slip stitch the opening closed.


  • Depending on the person you are making it for, you can lengthen or shorten the pillow by varying the overlap of the pattern pieces where you tape it together.
  • The amount of support the pillow will give varies based on how much stuffing you put in it, more stuffing will make a thicker pillow. 
  • You can make reduce the size version of this pillow as a dog toy. Dog love toys with squeakers inside, you can order them through Simply add the squeaker in with the stuffing and you'll have a noisy toy your pet will love.