Make a Basic Balloon Hat

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    How to Make a Basic Balloon Hat

    Balloon Hat
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here’s the fundamental, easiest hat to make from balloons. You can make these quickly and this basic hat is useful when you have to make a lot of hats in a short amount of time. These hats are great for kid parties or any event with children (street fairs, block parties, school nights, church bazaars, picnics, etc.).

    The Beginning of More Balloon Hats

    This balloon hat acts as a base or foundation upon which you can add more balloons and construct fancier, more detailed hats. This hat also acts as a foundation for more detailed (and frankly, more attractive) balloon hats such as the helmet and detailed helmet.

    Also, you can add another balloon to dress this hat up. This is the case with the flower balloon hat.

    You'll find an entire collection of balloon hats that you can learn to make.

    To make the balloon hat, you’ll need to have mastered the basic twist (if you want a slightly cleaner look, you may apply a pinch twist instead).


    260 balloon (choose the color)

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    Inflate the Balloon

    Inflate the Balloon
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Inflate the balloon to almost the end leaving a quarter-inch tip.

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    Start the Hat

    Start the Hat
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Starting at the knot end of the balloon, make a small basic twist about an inch long. If you like, you may substitute pinch twist if you wish. The pinch twist allows for a cleaner, more finished appearance.

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    Create the Loop

    Create the Loop
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Take the small basic twist that you just made and create a loop with the balloon. You’re aiming to create a loop that is the size of the person’s head so it may be worn.

    Some balloon twisting professionals take the balloon and physically wrap it around the head of the person to measure its size and adjust the loop of the balloon. Others simply estimate by sight and make adjustments later.

    Since this is an easy balloon hat to make, it’s very easy to make adjustments by simply undoing the balloon and re-twisting. However, as you learn to make more sophisticated balloon hats, you’ll need to have a good estimate of a person’s head size as it becomes more difficult to make adjustments when the sculpture is complete.

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    Finish the Hat

    Finish the hat
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Twist the basic twist onto the rest of the balloon and lock it in with a few turns. The result will be a balloon hat (a loop) with the end of the balloon standing straight up. If you like, you can also allow the “tail” to lean back for a Davy Crockett-style “coon skin” cap.

    Hats Are Made for Events

    Balloon hats add lots of color and fun to any event. When you make balloon hats, people begin to wear them and you'll be able to look out onto a crowd and see your handiwork everywhere that adds a festive feel.

    As you become more experienced, you will no doubt want to expand the types of hats that you can make. There are many hats and variations that may be constructed using this basic hat as a foundation. Once you make the basic balloon, you can keep adding more balloons and elements until your hat gets taller and more elaborate.