Twist a Basic Balloon Sword With Ease

Balloon Sword

Red balloon sword
Wayne Kawamoto

A balloon sword is a fun addition to a repertoire of balloon animals for children's parties and carnivals. The great thing about balloon swords at children's parties is that kids can have a mock sword parlay without harming each other or anyone else who is nearby. Sword balloons are the perfect addition to playacting as a pirate or knight. It takes only a little imagination and relabeling to turn it into a balloon lightsaber for a budding Jedi padawan.

These instructions are for a basic sword balloon with a hilt and straight shaft. It is easy to learn and twist. The main skill you need is the ability to create a fold twist. Once you master it, you may want to go on to make an ultimate sword balloon with a twisted shaft. Plus, you can learn to make a balloon scabbard that will hold the sword.

Materials You'll Need

  • One 260-sized balloon: This is the most popular size for balloon animals. Be sure to get a high-quality balloon for the best results and endurance. If you have smaller hands or are making a sword for a smaller child, you might use the thinner 160 balloons. Likewise, you could choose the thicker 360 balloons for a beefier sword.
  • Balloon pumper: This is an optional accessory but makes blowing up many balloons an easier task.

Inflate the Balloon

Green balloon
Wayne Kawamoto

Inflate the balloon and tie it ​off, leaving a 1-inch uninflated tip at the end. You can use a balloon pumper or simply blow it up with your mouth. It is important to leave the tip because you are going to be twisting the balloon. If you inflate it fully, it will be overinflated when twisted and may burst.

Make a Basic Twist to Start Sword Handle

Green balloon
Wayne Kawamoto

Make a basic twist about 5 inches from the beginning of the balloon. After twisting it, you will need to keep hold of it so it does not untwist. 

Continue the Handle With a Fold Twist

Twisted green balloon
Wayne Kawamoto

You will be bending the second segment of the balloon at about the 3-inch mark to make a ​fold twist. Create a fold twist. After folding the balloon 3 inches from the first twist, twist the folded segment with the first twist.

Look at the First Half of the Handguard

Green balloon twisted
Wayne Kawamoto

You have just twisted one-half of the handguard for the sword. You should have a short section of the handle, one-half of the handguard, and the long shaft.

Fold the Second Part of the Handguard

Twisted green balloon
Wayne Kawamoto

Fold the balloon again 3 inches from the first fold. Twist a second fold twist the same size as the first one to create the second part of the handguard.

Finish the Sword Balloon

Kids playing with balloon swords
Zac Macaulay/Getty Images

Once you straighten out the handguards so they are at right angles to the shaft of the balloon sword, you have completed twisting a balloon sword.

You will find that kids love these balloon swords. Kids will line up all day to get their hands on one.

You can learn an advanced technique for making this balloon sword by instructional video.