Vanishing a Coin With Rings

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    Starting the trick.

    Here's an easy magic trick that provides a great way to vanish a coin. You show two rings, a playing card and a coin that are sitting on a piece of paper. If you like, you can borrow the coin.

    The rings and playing card are stacked on top of the coin.

    When a ring and the card are removed, the coin has completely vanished. The rings and card are stacked back onto the coin and removed, and the coin returns. There’s some preparation to perform this effect, but it’s visual and ultra-easy to do.

    Note...MORE that there's some simple crafting involved to make a prop and you'll have to gather some materials.

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    Starting the Easy Magic Trick

    Here's how the trick looks to spectators. You stack one playing card on top of one ring.
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    Stacking the Rings

    Then stack the second ring on top of the playing card.
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    Move the Rings on Top

    The entire ring and card assembly is moved on top of the coin.
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    The Coin Has Vanished

    When you remove the top ring and card, the coin is shown to have completely disappeared.
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    Bring the Coin Back

    Stack the ring and card back on top of the coin and remove the entire assembly, and the coin returns. The rings and playing card are then laid onto the paper as they were at the start of the trick.
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    The Secret to the Easy Magic Trick

    Here’s the secret which you’ll have to prepare ahead of time. You’ll notice that the rings, card and coin are sitting on a piece of paper. You obtain a second sheet of the same paper and cut a circle that is the same diameter as the second (gimmicked) ring. This is glued onto the bottom of the second ring. 

    This figure shows how the circular piece of paper is glued to the bottom of the ring. When you lay the ring on top of a coin, the matching paper that’s glued to the ring covers the coin and...MORE makes it look as if the coin has vanished. It’s actually sitting underneath the paper that’s attached to the ring.

    Magicians call an object that helps you perform the trick a "gimmick." And any prop that has been altered to help you perform a trick is said to be "gimmicked."

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    You can purchase the rings from any hardware store. I found these rings for a little more than a dollar apiece. If you like, you can perform this same trick using a clear drinking glass and cover the gimmicked glass with a napkin.

    Once you have your prepared ring, you’re ready to perform the trick. Set-up the rings and card as in the first figure. If you like you can borrow a coin. Notice that the playing card is inserted underneath the ungimmicked ring to subtly imply that both rings are alright...MORE and not altered. Simply follow the steps outlined earlier in the presentation of the effect.

    As mentioned earlier, if you would like to perform the trick with a drinking glass (I think that a clear plastic cup works best), simply use the glass to mark out a circle out of the matching paper. Cut out the circle of paper and glue it onto the opening of the glass. To perform the trick, cover the glass with a napkin and then rest the entire assembly on the coin. Remove the napkin and the coin will have disappeared.