How to Make a Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

macrame mason jar hanging plant holder
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    An Easy Way to Bring the Green Indoors

    Mason jars have stood the test of time when it comes to crafting supplies. From canning to organizing to hundreds of other creative uses, a mason jar will always come in handy.

    With this macrame mason jar plant hanger, you can use any jar on hand to create a modern, clean, and very cool piece of decor for your home. These would look beautiful hanging in a group or hanging solo and would make the perfect housewarming gift for a new home or apartment. Create your macrame hanger as long or as short as you'd like and hang it in a sunny spot to keep your plant growing and healthy inside that mason jar.

    What You'll Need

    • Mason jar
    • Macrame cord
    • Scissors
    • Soil
    • Plant
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    Gather Materials

    For this project, you'll need a mason jar that's large enough to house a plant with a little room to grow. A pint size or larger would most likely be a good place to start. For your macrame cord, choose your favorite type; they can vary from jute to cotton to polyester. It all depends on the look you like and the thickness you'd like your cord.

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    Cut and Knot

    Cut four lengths of cord, each about three yards long. Fold them in half and knot them all together at the halfway point, leaving a loop at the knot. This will be where you hang your final project from the wall or ceiling.

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    Make Pairs

    Separate the cords into pairs of two cords each. Leave about four to five inches from the top knot, and knot the pairs together.

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    Make Spiral Knots

    Underneath each knotted pair, you'll now make a spiral knot pattern. Take one pair and hold the right cord taut. Cross the left cord over the right, around the back, and up through the loop it created. Pull tight. Keep repeating this process with the same cord, keeping the original right cord taut, and a spiral knot pattern will start to emerge. Repeat the spiral knots until you have about four inches of spiral knots.

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    Add Longer Knots

    Once you have all of your pairs spiral knotted, leave a length of about 12 inches on each set of cords. At the 12 inch mark, make a knot with each pair of cords.

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    Alternate Pairs

    Lay all of your pairs out. From the leftmost pair, take the right cord and knot it with the left cord from the next closest pair, about three inches below the previous knot. Repeat the process, alternating pairs. At the end, take the two outer cords and knot them together.

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    Knot Cords

    About 3 inches below that set of knots, knot all cords together in one large knot. Leave approximately 12 inches of hanging cord and trim the ends.

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    Plant Your Plant

    Insert your mason jar, and fill with soil and plants. Depending on the size of your greenery, it may be easier to plant it first and then fit your mason jar into the macrame hanger.

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    Hang and Enjoy

    These mini planters are so cute, we don't see why you shouldn't make three or four and spruce up your office space, bedroom, or kitchen!