Lisa Yang

 Whether you're new to jewelry making and beadwork or have been doing it for years, there are always new techniques to learn, projects that will inspire you, and tools or tips can make the process easier.  I hope the information you find here at The Spruce beadwork and at my personal jewelry making site Lisa Yang's Jewelry add to your knowledge and enjoyment of beads and jewelry making.


 Lisa has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember.  As she tried different techniques and scratched them in her journal, she realized it would be so much easier to find the information if she could search for it by topic or keyword.  That's when she started documenting her jewelry techniques and projects on her blog Lisa Yang's Jewelry. Lisa is an experienced writer of technical designs, training material and user documentation for a variety of software applications, so explaining the step by step process of making jewelry and publishing beadwork tutorials comes naturally to her.  

In all of her jewelry projects, Lisa tries to remember what it was like to be a beginner and writes with that audience in mind.  She believes anyone can make beautiful jewelry with a little patience and the right tools and instructions.


Lisa has a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University's College of Communications.  She has also taken additional coursework in Business Administration, Accounting and Information Technology at College of the Canyons, Cal State University, Northridge and UCLA.

Lisa's jewelry making skills are primarily from books, online resources, the occasional class at local universities or bead stores and endless experimentation with beads, needle and thread and wire.


Lisa Yang

I started my jewelry making with beaded daisy chains and rings from colorful coated wires used for hooking up telephones. In college, I worked in a jewelry store that specialized in handcrafted jewelry from around the world including Indonesian silver jewelry, the most beautiful brick stitched earrings I've ever seen and Native American silver and turquoise jewelry. When the store wasn't busy, I had time to talk to the owner, who travelled the world buying goods for the store, about the artisans who made the jewelry and study the pieces and how they were made.  

Since then, I've met many bead and jewelry artisans, collected books on every beadwork topic you can imagine, and collected lots of beads, jewelry wire and supplies. 

I enjoy figuring out how to construct things, to make them quicker, to challenge known ways of doing something and find new processes. Oh yeah - and buy tools.  Lots and lots of tools!  

I'm happy every minute I'm thinking about, creating or writing about beads and making jewelry.  

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